Sndbox Summer Camp - Individual Contribution to Speak Freely TV

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Speak Freely TV now has a team of 6 talented people working on it courtesy of the Sndbox Summer Camp initiative. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to work with such awesome folks to help grow the project by getting more people involved in recording videos of themselves and others sharing what's most important to them.

The last couple of weeks we have been creating our Project Plan, which is documented here:

The purpose of this post is to document my personal contribution to this initial phase of the project over the last couple of weeks.


Prior to the creation of the team, I had purchased the domain and directed it to the Steem feed for the @speakfreely-tv account. We decided to remove the '-' character from the account name and the public tag #speakfreely-tv, so I created a new Steem account called @speakfreelytv, which is now the official project account.

I also created a GitHub account and repository to store content we wish to be available to the public:

This currently holds the SFTV logo, and will eventually host images for things like thumbnail templates, music, disclaimer text, etc. for use by anyone posting using the #speakfreelytv tag. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to create their own personalized content as well.


Prior to moving out into the wilderness as a Digital Nomad, I was a Producer in the Video Game industry and hosted multiple meetings to assist the team in gaining alignment and clarity. It's something I thoroughly enjoyed and miss doing, so am glad to have the opportunity to do that again.

Live meetings are hosted using the Zoom application at times which work for most individuals. Despite living all over the world we were able to have some meetings with a majority of the team present... amazing! Calls are recorded to the cloud under my personal Zoom account, uploaded to YouTube as Unlisted videos and shared with the members who could not attend via Discord.


The official Sndbox Summer Camp Part 2 post from the @speakfreelytv account was created as a collaboration between all members of the team. I wrote the Background and Conclusion sections and created the Thumbnail. After submitting the video via DLive, I converted our document's text, images and tables to Markdown and edited the post via Steemit to produce the final product.


Eventually we'd like to pay SBD to have someone create us a more professional logo, but in the meantime I created a logo using my Android smartphone. I used [Multilayer]( to create the background and then [Pixellab]( to add the stylized text.


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Thanks for the vision Cahlen, lets keep the speakfreelytv ball rolling!

Glad to have worked with you on this project. I think those live meetings enabled us more to get our work done and have more clarity as you've discussed :)