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RE: Project Giving | Permaculture Principles Series with @MountainJewel: 1. Observe & Interact

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Woo hoo! Great work @Mountainjewel, I think this was my favourite line,

“Whether you live in a city in an apartment or a small rural community, it is our aim to share ways each of us can be rethinking our connection with the earth.”

I think for this weeks theme of observing and interacting, I’m going to try and go out into nature and do a little meditation! Its something I haven’t done in a while, but am definitely in need of!


Yes! It's our mission to be voices of the earth and we hope to reach humans where they're at- that means whoever is listening ;)

I am also so happy to hear that it inspire you to think about going outdoors and meditating. That's what it's all about and we could all use more (even me and I live in the forest ;)) haha, have a great weekend, I'm so glad we're connected through this <3