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RE: Project Giving | Permaculture Principles Series with @MountainJewel: 1. Observe & Interact

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I love what you've said about observing @Mountainjewel. It is a principle that I was taught at university for fiction and poetry writing but it is equally important in finding balance in so many things; mental balance, balance with nature etc.

Choosing a sit spot that you return to often to pay attention to the changes in light, wind, rainfall and movement on the landscape, animal activity, and more through the seasons.

Also, what you say about the dance with nature. I have learned so much from observing marine life while diving. The symbiotic relationships that are played out on the reef and among the kelp fields taught me about the importance of this in life. Going with the path of least resistance and working with the grain instead of against it. The fish and various cleaner creatures understand this instinctively.

Great article + radio show, I'm sure it will help spread awareness about the benefits of mindful working with nature.


Thanks so much @raj808. I love how you relate this practice of observation with what you've learned in university for writing <3 it is so true ... these are interdisciplinary skills that equip us to become better, more aware humans!

I am so glad we are connected now because I can see that we have a lot in common and I personally have only scuba dived twice in my life so it's really uncharted territory for me. I would love to hear more of your words on what you've witnessed observing marine life and dancing under the waters as they taste you've just given me is great!!!