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RE: Introducing Project Giving's Community Challenge

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Thank you very much for worrying about the situations that so many people live around the world, the team of the charitable project @oneopportunity will do everything possible to bring some valuable material for this contest. we will focus on the poverty that many Venezuelans live, our project helps children but we want to show homeless people.

Happy day and thanks.


Thanks for getting involved @oneopportunity. I know that it is a very difficult situation for many Venezuelans at this time with uncertainty and instability in your country. It's fantastic that you are helping to tackle the problems of poverty and homelessness in Venezuela! I look forward to your entry and hopefully it can go some way toward spreading awareness to people around the world of the issues effecting your country.

Hi @oneopportunity just to make you aware we have made a change to the competition's lifespan:

We have decided to extend the competition period for a further 8 days (ends Wednesday 15th August 2018 at 10pm GMT) effectively giving it a 2 week lifespan. There has been only one entry so far but as a few people have shown a strong interest I decided to extend it and promote it further in discord communities.

I hope you are well and we look forward to your entry if it is still something that you are looking at doing. Thanks.

Thank you very much, it was an excellent decision today I was thinking that I could not participate because we would not have time to have everything ready in time, thank God you have decided to extend it. A big hug !
@carlagonz General Director of @oneopportunity.