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Hi Steemit friends…

Today I want to share with you my experience in my participation on the 12th monthly thumbnail competition for State of the @Sndbox ! This time I decided to let myself go… and I went back to basic!...

I wanted to create a very clear, elegant but colorful thumbnail… but if you know art… in a design process you may have and initial idea… that turns in a brains storm… resulting multiple options… during this process I put together 03 different designs…

Normally as an architect I made my original sketch and work from it… some changes occurred but the essence is maintained.

Since I have been working with graphic design… this not always happens… I think this is more like art as I said… and the big quantity of benefits that the computer tool provides you increase your braim storm…

So here is the question: Is Design (graphic design) Art?
… I think the answer is Yes!

The similarities between art and design

-Works have an essential factor in Aesthetics.
-During the process is common to have a previous sketch.
-Shapes and colours are the basic elements.
-The final result seeks to please the client and the rest of the observers.
-The rules of composition are common to those of the artistic branches.
-The key moments of art influence design trends.
-Social highlights have a strong influence on the design.

…. Now I will share with you my experience in this particular opportunity, reviewing my designs and process

Option A

Inspired on a scratched background with the sndbox colour´s, at the beginning I was thinking on put the text on a corner… resulting on this…


Option B

I was happy with the result, but also I wanted more… so I continued playing around and decided to put the text on the center and made it highlight on a shaded label.


Option C

This idea came from the intention of making stand out the sndbox logo…. The disposition of the logo has the intention of making a mosaic.
After a while when I added the text I took the strategy of the shaded label in order of made the design lighter in sight.
In this order of ideas, I added some effects and soften the border elements of the mosaic.
Finally I added more colour to the back, a very subtle degradation with the sndbox colors, so it would add more personality to the final thumbnail.


I really cannot choose one of them at the moment, they are so different … so this now has turned into a post about Design… put together a design is art… the appreciation is subject even from yourself, I really thinks there is no better and cruel critic than yourself…
Eventually, I need to choose one for the contest… I hear your suggestions, but I don’t have a lot of time… so help me out :) , the death line is the next Wednesday.

I will also check with my private audience…
So… just wish me luck!!
Thanks for your support.

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