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Writing QUEST

The last Quest was a complete success, and the number of entries surprised us but we only stick to eight winners, and you can read more about it here. As to date, we have 30 people that are eligible to join the final quest in order to get a spot into the Summer Camp and eventually @Sndbox. We will be holding at least one more quest besides this one to ensure that we have a minimum of 50 people. In case you’re new and don’t know what this is, feel free to read more about our project here and here.

As you can read from @anomadsoul’s introduction post of the quest, this time we’re focusing on Writing since we have on Steem plenty of communities built around this field with a substantial user base.

Click here to read the introduction

Special thanks to @Sndbox, @voronoi, and @hansikhouse for giving us the opportunity to do this.


  • Task One: Make an in-depth post

As in the previous quests, you will have to make a post where you are talking about your journey in the world of writing, how you started, when you started and why are you doing it, you get the idea. Also, since the final prize is a place in Sndbox, tell us why you want to be part of it, what would you do once inside and what are your overall goals. In addition to that, you will have to mention why are you using a particular style of writing in your stories and how did you end up learning it.

  • Task Two: Write a Story

You will have to write a story on any topic you please with a minimum length of 2000 words, this way we ensure that you know your business. Besides the number of words, we will be focusing on the quality of the story, the pacing, the grammar and other stuff like that. We will be scanning the entries with Grammarly Premium both to check them for Plagiarism and to check your writing mistakes, and after that, we will get help from other professional writers to pick the winners. You can choose any topic and any writing style you want, this way we give you total flexibility over your content.

  • Task Three: Make a compilation post

You will also have to create a compilation post where you include all the tasks mentioned above, so we don’t miss any of them. Make sure to use the tag #sndboxquest ONLY for the first two tasks and the tag #sndboxsummercamp ONLY for the final compilation post but do not use both in one post.

All the content must be original and made special for the Sndbox Summer Camp, the reuse of older content is prohibited.

For your posts use in the title Sndbox Summer Camp Writing - Task X (X being the number of the task you're posting about). This helps us a lot when we pick the winners.

In case you have any questions make sure to ask us down below because @anomadsoul and I will try to reply as many as possible.

The deadline is 24th April 11:59 PST, seven days from now.

Completing the Quest does not guarantee you a spot in the Summer Camp, nor being selected guarantees you a place in @Sndbox


The tasks might seem hard, but you will be grateful for at least trying and pushing yourself! Best of luck to those who will attempt this quest! 😊

Hola me encanta esta iniciativa, para mi SNDBOX es una Universidad prestigiosa de Steemit y claro que me encantaría solicitar cupo, solo tengo una pregunta. ¿Aceptan participaciones en español?

Hola, yo estoy igual que tú. ¿Sabes ya si finalmente se puede participar en español?

Holi, hasta donde tengo entendido las participaciones son en ingles solamente :(

Que mal, a mi nunca me contestaron.
@trenz @gabriellecd
Suerte a los que si participaron.
Esta vez no era para mi.

I was wondering if it could be an issue if I post a spin-off of stories I've already posted here? I haven't posted the spin-off here, so it's totally original and unseen, but is it valid?

Yeah, that should be fine, good luck. ;)

Hi guyfawkes, are you going to roll another photography quest in the future???

Maybe in winter but not anytime soon.

I really feel my blood boiling while reading this project. I would love to participate, but my mother tongue is Spanish so I really hope that I can participate writing in Spanish. Is it possible?

Thank you!

I will try to understand this and give it a go...but whatever, I will be writing anyway..good luck to you all...and have fun...

ok, I understand the first task, in the second task is my doubt, one has to write a story, the story is of our life or of any history in general.

Thank you so much @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20 for the information.
I have being coming across the contest by sndbox but didn't put much interest as it was not my field of specialization until this one came up now.
I have three questions to ask:
1 After writing the first posts and using the tags specified above, is there any place to submit links?
2 The compilation which is the third task, what are mine to do in the compilation compilation task, it's not clear enough to me.

Interesting post, hopefully can participate to send the task. Hopefully given the ability and time..

Ok, I still have a chance and I would not want to miss this opportunity. Thank you @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20.

Wow! Interesting! Will try to do my best in participating this quest. Thanks @guyfawkes4-20

I wanna do it again!!!

But I’ll just resteem this to invite some friends to join

Hey mate, thanks. ;)

Oh boy. I better put my writin' hat on for this one.

realizes he never took his writin' hat off for the last year or so
writin' hat is kind gross now

Oh yes, that's the kind of hat I'm talking about! Good luck. ;)

Woops!!!...My pen is bleeding right about now

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I've missed the other ones but I am in on this for sure

I really want to join with this.

Sure, I am going to ply my hands on this @sndbox is the dream

Question though... when will the final Quest be?

Hello, I just discovered this and I might not make it on time for submission. Because of the lateness, I’m wondering if I’m able to use an old piece that I wanted to rework? It’s not something that has been posted here or posted openly. I wrote it for a friend a long time ago. It’ll be original for sndbox as I’d need to change a few things. I wanted to use it for a story anyway, this might work well if I can get it cleaned up on time.

Sure, go ahead, hurry! :D Good luck

Omg...I am hopeless converting time zones. It’s actually only 8:16 PM in PST. I thought I missed it when I misread a timezone conversion.

Okay, a grateful thanks I will get to it as soon as work finishes.

<3 x 100

Woow, that 's great. I want to try it.

Wow, this kind of event is really encourage us to write more.

Thanks for organising this, everyone! Excellent challenge! I already had a lot of fun taking on this challenge, or at least had some interesting moments of reflection see the compilation/Task 3 here and I'm looking forward to the results already!

Just in the nick of time ;) I didn't know if I'd make the deadline...

I apologize for being late, but I want to be a part of the Summer Camp