WINNERS | Sndbox Summer Camp: Philosophy, Psichology & Sociology Quest

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The Winners

Guy this was amazing, we are thrilled to see how many people joined even though the subjects are not ones that can be considered "simple". The entries were amazing and we spent a lot of hours reading - as the quest subjects were mostly about reading and understanding point of views and thessis - and even though we wished to be able to select more people, unfortunately we have to keep the list short in order to be able to handle the last quest.

We were amazed by the top quality analysis and variety of subjects and we learned from more than one of you, thank you for being this committed. In case you have no idea what this quest is about, @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20 are building an online Summer Camp powered by Sndbox over the month June.

So far, we have selected a number of 30 people, and we’re planning to hold at least two more quests and get 50 people that will be eligible for the Final Quest that will guarantee 20 hard-working Steemians a place in our camp and maybe eventually into @sndbox.

If you don´t remember the Summer Camp process, here it is:

1.- A Steemian must finish one of the various SndboxQuests to be eligible to join the Final Quest.

2.- Every Steemian who finished and was selected to do the Final Quest must finish it fulfilling all the requirements to be eligible to be part of the Summer Camp.

3.- Some of the Steemians who finish the Final Quest will then proceed to be part of the SndboxSummerCamp. Throughout the Summer camp, every member will receive support, guidance, and advice from the @sndbox team. Sndbox is the most amazing project incubator in the Steemcosystem, so this Summer Camp is serious business.

4.- After the summer camp, the top of the class will form part of the @sndbox cohort 2 and will get support, advice, and guidance throughout all the second semester of 2018.

As you could notice, we were curating a lot of the entries with the @sndbox-alpha account to try and reward as many Steemians as we can.

Without further ado, here are the winners in no particular order:


Congratulations to all these amazing Steemians! You are in for the Final Quest scheduled for late May, be on the lookout for the announcement!

We want to thank the @sndbox team, especially @hansikhouse and @voronoi for giving us the possibility to do this and eventually improve the lives of a couple of well-deserving people.


Thank you so much @sndbox family for the opportunity and the appreciation.

Congratulations to all the winners.!

This made my day! Viva!

Thank you for participating and for putting together such a great entries my friend, you deserve it, congratulations!

Welcome and thank you as well my friend. Looking forward for the Final (commendable) Quest.

Congrats @iamjadeline... so proud of you.. you deserved it.. I am sure @happycrazycon and @kimzwarch will be accepted next round

Ah, haha. Thanks @orangila for the vote of confidence.

Haha thank you for the encouragement @orangila, you are so kind!

Congratulations @iamjadeline, @dedicatedguy and every other winners! :) You totally nailed it!!!

Yeah, next time we try again @kimzwarch! :) Thank you @sndbox! :)

Sure sure, try until we make it!

Thank you for this opportunity @sndbox @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20 !

The Quests were really fun and I am looking forward for the Final Quest to see what new challenge you guys have prepared for us, I know every participant will give their best :P

Congratulations to all the winners as well!


Thanks mate!

Congrats man even though I don't comment all the time in your posts know that I read it since I have you in my Ginabot even if you don't drop your links to the promo-mentors haha.

I am just so delayed in commenting these days and I just read lately.

You had one of the best pieces in this challenge and congratulations in being picked for FTG as well! You are one hell of a writer.

Hey there dude! Thanks!

Yeah I actually also have you on my steemify to check your articles (its a notification app that works like ginabot :P)

I am just so delayed in commenting these days and I just read lately.

Its normal, it is impossible to be on commenting rounds 24/7, I also take rests that can take even a whole day or close to a day haha

Thanks for your words man, you are also a great writer and clearly deserve a place in sndbox, wish you the best bro.

Congratulations man you deserve it!

Whoa, nice. Congratz to all the winners :)
@iamjadeline, you deserve that! Had fun on the quest completion.

Thanks to @sndbox-alpha for providing this opportunity.

You're welcome @leebaong and see you in the Final Quest :)

yes @travelling-two The final fight. Wish me luck ;-)

Thank you @sndbox-alpha, @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20 for amazing quest and golden opportunity. I am beyond thrilled to find out I won the quest together with the rest. Congratulations to all winners.

Thank you @sndbox, @hansikhouse and @voronoi for the support.

I will be on the look out for further announcement. Thank you again. ☺

jumping jumping leaping like a bunny happy

happy bunny... :D

Congratulations! It was very hard to choose the winners but you deserve it! See you in the last quest!

Thank you for announcement @sndbox-alpha, I will do My Best in the next part.. :)

Congratulation sista!

Thanks ya..

I'm so glad to have made it this far. I did not get a not get a notification because a 'd' is missing in my name...the error is common.

Thank you @sndbox for this, I'm elated.

Oh snap! That was my mistake but so glad that you saw the post! Congratulations man see you in late May for the final Quest!

Congrats to @iamjadeline and to all other winners too!!! Well done!!!

Congrats to all the winners!!!!!

Congratulation @iamjadeline and the rest of the winners!

Congratulations to you all! Such a fantastic initiative and I look forwards to working with you all this summer :)

Congratulations to the winners, I wish you the best in the new stages. A hug and blessings.


You just made my (up until now rather shitty) day.

Fortuitous that I just decided to 'go hard'on steemit for the foreseable future....

Congrats to all the other finos too!

I'm going to make a point of going back a reading a lot of the other entries too (finos or not).

And thanks to the orgsnisers/ curators!

Going hard is the only way man! Congratulations, you deserve it, hell of an entry that last one!

I'm glad you liked it, but it was a bit rushed for my liking. I'm back into my alt-blogging groove now I've got ahead with the mainstream one.

Thanks for organizing it all and taking so much time curating, I imagine it takes up A LOT of time!

Quick, unrelated question, what are your thoughts on the @steembasicincome project? I'm looking into it basically thinking it's a wonderful thing. Or am I missing something?

May!? ::rage quits:: no just kidding. Hurry up May.

Thanks guys.

@whatamidoing SEE :-D and congratulations!

Lol! Hell yeah, congrats mate, see you up until long May :P

Oh wow, thank you very much! Thank you for the hardwork and dedication to all of you guys in @sndbox and to all who participate in this quest. You all are reelly something! I am waiting for the final quest.

Congrats ka @mariska.lubis 😍😍

Wow! Congratulations, Kak Mariska! You deserved it! Awesome! Congrats, ya! :)


You rock! Congratulations Mariska you deserve it, let´s some awesome entries for that final quest!

It's worthy to see your name there kak @mariska.lubis

Thanks a lot to all of you guys...

congrats to all the winners..

congrats for winner @mariska.lubis
I like u

Congratulation Mbak @mariska.lubis. Happy for you too 😘

Congratulations kakak @mariska.lubis

Well done Team!
And congrats for all the Snd-Winners!
Peace V!

Yay! Well done @leebaong. I'm so proud of you! 💗

@anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-2 you guys have done an amazing job with Summer Camp. Thank you both so much for your hard work. 💗

hello @bearone. Thank you so much. My curiousity was opened because of you guys until I am eager to participate in @sndbox activities. Thanks a lot @bearone for the encouragement.

Yes! I agree. @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-2 have done so much impressive in the camp.

congratulations to the winners.

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