The House of Horror - Terror Story

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Seeing that old album of my grandmother, made me feel a pain in my stomach, which gradually increased until it reached my chest, it seemed that those photos had caused an effect of anguish in me, even without knowing where was that strange house that appeared in those photos and because my grandmother looked like that.

I needed to escape, I felt suffocated despite finding me in the largest mansion in the city, so many walls seemed to have an opposite effect on me, making my breathing more and more choppy, I could not stand it anymore and I ran, ran, and ran, I do not know for how long, without any particular direction, only towards the front, always towards the front. In the end I arrived at this place, an abandoned shack, similar to the photos of the album; I knew what it had been because only 6 months ago it had been sealed for alleged criminal actions; like those corpses I had found in the basement of the place ... some in a recent state of decomposition.

You will ask ... why then I decided to enter? I had not realized that I was abandoned, of course, I knew the stories, it was the event of the town, of the small town where nothing happened, but for some reason when it was in front of me I could not remember it and even though I had left my house at night, now in front of me, was that building illuminated by the mid-morning sun. Did I walk that much? Who knows, I'm just telling what I saw.

Despite being a small house, it was full of people, I did not recognize any, the doors opened, all lit, I instinctively smiled, for some reason it gave me a sense of calm, of wanting to enter, wanting to walk those rooms, so I did , I entered with that white silk dress that I used to sleep, barefoot with my feet bleeding from everything that had run and walking in the concrete street, people greeted me, all with white smiles like my sleep dress, one offered me some slippers, another a vest to cover me from the cold; Ironically, although the place was much smaller than the mansion from which I had just escaped, I did not feel the lack of breathing, I smiled again at the calm.

An old lady approached me, she was the lady of the photos, my grandmother, I had never met her since she had died before I was born, but she looked bright and alive, she told me that her name was Abigail, of course, I already knew it, and that she wanted to show me something, accompany her, through a room with more than 4 beds, from the kitchen, living room and a common dining room, all perfectly lit, everything perfectly organized, full of people; even repeated faces.

It seemed that the day was ending because from one moment to another the atmosphere became darker and darker, I knew it was time to go home but I did not want to leave, so my home was the last thing I had in my head at that moment. Abigail followed me leading somewhere to the end of the house until we went to a kind of service room, they had different home appliances in poor condition grouped all over the place, what was not detailed was a small door hidden underneath. Some of the cabinets, the lady was the one who directed me towards that door; the only light was the one that entered through a window in the high part of one of the walls that just illuminated that door in the floor.

Abigail opened it and urged me to go down with her, I did not want to, but I felt I should. So I followed her; down there everything was dark, not even that light that illuminated the top floor now illuminated something in that basement, I was not sure where to step and I could no longer see the way to where Abigail led me; a wave of cold attacked my body forcing me to enclose more that vest that I had been given, I could not see where I was going, but I kept walking, slowly touching with one hand the wall to my left, which was the only one I felt after going down the wooden stairs.

Suddenly I hit something, it made me fall, with both hands I felt a hard and rough texture. Stone perhaps? My hands continued touching, a light suddenly illuminated only what was in front of my eyes, lighting what was a face in an advanced state of decomposition and I noticed that my hands touched that dead body, a scream came out of my throat receding returning to plunge into the darkness, the screams kept coming out of my mouth and I felt that wherever my hands touched, the same hard and rough texture was beneath it.

A light came back to light and now I saw Abigail, my grandmother ─Welcome─ she said, as her face became more and more terrifying, looking much more like the lady I had seen in the photos, and even worse, another cry came from my throat. , now with a light illuminating a few centimeters more to the bottom of that basement. I was not moving but each time it was closer to me, what I already knew was another body, screams and screams came from my throat until I almost lost my voice. What I did not expect was that when I had that body in front of me ... It was me.

Source: This story was created in collaboration with @GabyOraa whom made the photos, all the credits to her for this

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