Hi @fararizky. We have a discord which is still under development but will hopefully be launched soon to the community as a whole.

I took the time to look at your blog and use google translate to read your latest article about the project to help teenagers in your local area. This looks like a really positive initiative and I was wondering if you might like to post an entry for the competition? It looks like exactly the sort project that addresses the issues we're trying to help highlight across steemit. If you wanted to put an entry in, preferably in English, but Indonesian would also be OK.

In regards to seeing if your project can be featured in a fundraiser post there are a few considerations. One it's worth looking at our accountability model just to be sure that your organisation is happy/comfortable following the steps we require to show accountability. Also, check out Yokaenso which is our first fundraiser for an idea of our structure and the levels of funds we generate.

Please feel free to private message me, @raj808 or the founder @tristanoliff for further details in how you can get involved. Thanks

Woww... I'm speechless.. I'd love to join in the contest if i still have a time to write it in english.. Because I have a future plan for make the teenager have their financial freedom. Thanks very much. I will try my best.

Hi @fararizky you have plenty of time as I have just extended the contest duration. 8 Days from now it will close:

We have decided to extend the competition period for a further 8 days (ends Wednesday 15th August 2018 at 10pm GMT) effectively giving it a 2 week lifespan. There has been only one entry so far but as a few people have shown a strong interest I decided to extend it and promote it further in discord communities.

I wish you all the best :-)

Yeaaayyy... I will take the time to give the best as I can.
Thanks very much