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This is wonderful and I guess perfect timing for me. A few weeks ago I this post about a homeless man here in Budapest that touched my heart. Two days ago we saw another man that has been sitting on a bench in front of our apartment building for at least a week being taken by an ambulance (at least I hope they took him he didn't look ok) and yesterday there was an incident in the bus and subway with a homeless man that made me feel so sad for him. I don't believe in coincidences, so I'm going to think of a game plan to make a post, and hopefully that will work out because most will not speak English ..


Hi @anouk.nox. I read the post you highlighted and commented. I think your attitude and passion for helping people who are in the terrible situation of homelessness is fantastic and we look forward to reading your entry to the Project Giving community challenge. I think in regards to the problem of most people you speak to not speaking English, if you provide a translation even with google translate, next to the text in the native langue or if it is a video provide a brief translation of what they have said then that will be fine. It is more important to convey how these issues effect the people you speak to/film than perfect English etc. I hope this helps with your planning.

Thank you for your comment, unfortunately I believe you misunderstood my problem :) I speak English very well, but the people on the street here in Budapest are mostly natives, and not from the generation that speaks English. At least that's what I've noticed. I am not Hungarian myself, I'm Dutch and I live here since September, so I barely speak three words Hungarian.. Because I actually have little problems here with language barrier in our daily life. But when it comes to those homeless people, that's another story. I never use my phone openly on the streets as I am very aware of what's happening around me, and I see lots of people seeking opportunities to make some money.. So using my phone to talk to people on the streets is not something that I am comfortable with either. Not because I think they will rob me (don't get me wrong) but because I may get caught up in the situation and not be alert to see what's happening around me. I did not find a solution for this part yet, until when is this challenge opened? Payout? Or longer? Hope to hear from you! have a good sunday!

Hi @anouk.nox I just to make you aware we have made a change to the competition's lifespan:

We have decided to extend the competition period for a further 8 days (ends Wednesday 15th August 2018 at 10pm GMT) effectively giving it a 2 week lifespan. There has been only one entry so far but as a few people have shown a strong interest I decided to extend it and promote it further in discord communities.

In regards to the issue of not being able to conduct interviews etc, maybe you could take general pictures of areas where the homelessness problems are particularly bad, staying safe of course, or even better if you have a friend who can explain to any friendly homeless people you know that it is for an article to highlight the issues etc. And then explain their situation in your own words. I know we said that we were looking for personal content, interviews, etc but if you add a note explaining how difficult (safety-wise) it is for you to do this then we understand fully. I am only one of the judges and this is the only reason why I say to add a note as it may not be me judging it. I hope you are well and we look forward to your entry if it is still something that you are looking at doing. Thanks.