Snax.One Decentralized Social Media - Sign up and Get Rewarded! Steem Bounty program extended to 17 June. Don't miss out!

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Please note: Snax Steem bounty program has been extended to 17 June 2019 - Dont Miss out

Discovered a brand new social media platform overlay for @steem @Twitter and @steemit called @stax. Got introduced through @photocircle and at first was a bit hesitant to add yet another platform to my plethora of already busy social media platform life. I did some investigating and some research to double check it's validity and of course helped a lot that photocircle had referred and also given me some starter @snax to get started.

So far so good, have managed to secure 75 tokens and all seems good, they currently have 2 social media platforms linked which you can use as you normally would but get paid for doing so.

Seems similar to Brave browser which pays you for your attention (you can download brave using this link if you have not done so yet - another great rewards based idea.


The social media platform overlays are currently limited to just @steemit and Twitter but they plan on adding all the others, such as Instagram, etc. but as always I do believe in decentralization of everything as it does help distribute wealth with a degree of fairness and maybe, just maybe the average guy could earn enough to live a decent life. It is for that reason that I am in full support of any platform on the blockchain that helps fascilitate that ethos.

What is Snax?
Snax is a blockchain platform. It was created for people to receive rewards for their social activity (tweets, Instagram posts, and so on) and to make instant free micropayments without leaving their favorite social platform. Developers can use Snax blockchain to create decentralized social applications (social dApps).

Be rewarded for social activity - Get #crypto tokens as a reward for your posts
Send tokens to any friend or any blogger on social media
Sign up and get free airdrop of 50 SNAX

Snax rewards content creators on popular social platforms
The more social weight your content has, the more SNAX tokens you will get.

You don't need a cross-posting to another platform with a tiny userbase: just stay on a platform you are, do the same activity and get SNAX tokens automatically.

So really it would be silly not to take advantage of this opportunity to get in at the start, who knows how far this could go, but probably worth a shot, better than regret it later.

Please note: Snax Steem bounty program has been extended to 17 June 2019 - Dont Miss out

Happy steeming, and Snaxing everybody.

Some content and images sourced from snax website:


Great write-up, the approach you did made it easier for non-tech to grasp the idea of Snax. I will be including it to the recommended posts about Snax. Thanks!

Thank you. Appreciated the inclusion.

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Love that ir was extended eheheh

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Yessss😊 more time to get in on leg up.

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Thanks for sharing! This looks very interesting. Reblogged.

It is worth checking out. And getting in early.

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Hello, Welcome to Snax 🕊 🕊 🦜

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