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RE: Snax #NewsUpdate (Nabla Bounty Program/System updates)

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Hi, @glenalbrethsen. I am from @snaxteam
We increased Scoring Round Time for Twitter (up to 3 days) and Steem (up to 2 days).

For Twitter it's related with issues with their servers last month (we didn't have time to collect data several times).
For Steem it's related with a low amount of generated content per 1 day, which causes troubles with ranking (too much dispersion in the result).


Hey, @sweetsnax.

Thanks for the reply. It's good to know the reasons why things are being done. This is all still very new, with a lot more to go, so I'm hopeful that whatever fine tuning you all need to do will get it where it needs to be.

Hi, @glenalbrethsen
Thank you for your feedback) Community support is very important to us, let's make Snax better together)