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RE: Snax #NewsUpdate (Nabla Bounty Program/System updates)

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Hey, @snaxteam.

I'm wondering why the change in SNAX scoring round times? I went looking for a post that might have presented a problem needing fixing, but didn't manage to find one.

My immediate guess is that too much SNAX are being rewarded versus how many are buying or investing in SNAX, since there seems to be a continuing sell off. I'm hoping someone from your team will respond with an answer since I have really enjoyed watching the SNAX accumulate in my wallet, and obviously want to see that continue to happen.

But just as important than that, SNAX has made me more disciplined as a creator on STEEM simply because I feel the need to write at least once a day in order to attempt to keep my attention rate up, along with providing some form of content that people will want to resteem, engage with, and upvote.

In other words, SNAX is making me a better creator than STEEM is.

I feel like your attention rate is a much better measure of value than just upvotes like it is on STEEM. There is much more to popularity and value than whether someone allocates rewards to it.

Please keep up the good work.


Hi, @glenalbrethsen. I am from @snaxteam
We increased Scoring Round Time for Twitter (up to 3 days) and Steem (up to 2 days).

For Twitter it's related with issues with their servers last month (we didn't have time to collect data several times).
For Steem it's related with a low amount of generated content per 1 day, which causes troubles with ranking (too much dispersion in the result).

Hey, @sweetsnax.

Thanks for the reply. It's good to know the reasons why things are being done. This is all still very new, with a lot more to go, so I'm hopeful that whatever fine tuning you all need to do will get it where it needs to be.

Hi, @glenalbrethsen
Thank you for your feedback) Community support is very important to us, let's make Snax better together)

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