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Don't Wait for SMTs to Start Building Your Steem App

in smts •  2 months ago

Hi guys,

I'm José Macedo, senior analyst at AmaZix ( // In case you haven't heard of us, we're one the largest community management, consulting and advisory companies in the crypto space, partnered with Bancor, HDAC, Bankex and many others. We've worked with over 100 projects and now have over 100 employees.

We're now working on a forum project with a token to incentivise quality content/curation. We really like the STEEM inflation algorithm for this and are very interested in building on top of STEEM. Our ideal scenario would be to use the SMT protocol, but we realise launch is scheduled for January and we simply cannot wait that long to launch.

We’re curious if we’d be able to chat to someone from the SMT team to discuss our options in the meanwhile. Currently, we’re leaning towards issuing an ERC-20 and then switching to SMT’s once they launch, but we’d love to find a way to build on STEEM from the get-go.

Let us know if you have some time to talk and discuss our use case.



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