SMT Wizard: Open Call For SMT Testing

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Testing of SMTs is already going extremely well and we believe that having testing complete by the end of January is still very much achievable. We have already found a chain halting bug that has since been resolved. The testnet is now stable enough to integrate into applications and it is our confidence in the progress that is motivating us to call for wider testing.

Developers: Integrate the SMT Testnet

The absolute BEST way to test SMTs is by incorporating them into your applications so that your users can begin interacting with them. It is the complicated and unpredictable interactions between real people that will unearth those edge cases which would cause another chain halt.

Those applications which do begin testing SMTs within their app will be better prepared for SMTs when they go live on the testnet for two reasons. First, they will have all of the integration work done. Second, they will have tested their tokenomics on real people, which should give them insights into how they can better design their actual SMT.


SteemJS has been updated to work with SMTs. Signing of all SMT operations is supported. API calls to SMT related APIs can be accessed by directly via steem.api.callAsync. You can begin integrating SMT support in to your apps using SteemJS. Please leave feedback and bug reports on github.

SMT Wizard

At Steemfest we demoed the SMT Wizard which enables creating an SMT in minutes without writing a single line of code. The wizard is now available for testing at! This is still beta software, but we wanted to get it in the hands of you, our community, to help test and improve the SMT wizard. If you want to contribute to the SMT wizard, you now can on github! Like our other software, it is open source under the MIT license.

SMT Launch Partners

We will also give extra consideration to application developers who integrate the SMT testnet into their application when determining who will be listed as an SMT Launch Partner. If you would like to be considered as a launch partner, e-mail [email protected]

The Steemit Team

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ive made few communities

Working hard on COMMUNITIES right now but we'll start making some plans to see how SteemPeak can be integrated with SMTs

Excellent very good action

Im excited to see more features just with communities tribes steem engine tokens and people should know SMTs will be on steem engine, and basically, things will be the same as with SE tokens, i dunno what SMTs will do for peopel that SE hasnt done but we will see, maybe more investment will come so that'd be nice heh, we still need free accounts and thats where telos comes in. We can give people free telos accounts on steempeak, since telos accounts are free, and scale up to millions of people, for free, with users earning the steem account, but using the telos account to maintain a blockchain account with pegged telos STEEMP, just like we have EOS STEEMP token on newdex, yes STEEM is pegged on EOS and on newdex , :D Ive sven sold 1 steem for 1 eos multiple times heh

Yes im excited to see what we can do after SMTs with Pegged EOSIO tokens like WEEDCASh APX SAND and others, so we can have telos steempeak integration next year, im writing a proposal now.

Anyway the Communities can be great with some bounties from @steemit we just need an engaged leadership and i see them really making great changes, its slowly but surely happening... we are having some utility value for steem, people need to buy and power up steempower and its an easier to user concept than eosio, so with LITE wallets I guess steem could actually really go crazy with steempeak guest accounts

I love the new possibilities of what we can do now... so much steem tech is now stacked up on top of itself, and the network effect still hasnt kicked in at all, we could go back to all time highs if everyone pumps SBD and the korean exchanges selling steem all come alive, everyone who bought steem back in Jan 2018 could get on the phone and get the call from their friend, and we could see the hype return ANY day.. its really true... Ive seen steem go from 10 cents to a dollar in a week... The cool thing with lite wallets that Ive heard rumors of, is that you cant make posts or vote so we are making the full priv steem account something of value... and steemit incs steempower IS LIKE BLOCK ONE's EOS VOICE rewards of $50 to $100 million dollars Block one is planning to give out the first year? Well Steemit inc can do a microcosm of that with their steempower, just by giving upvotes with it, using an algorithm to control the steem and steemit accounts upvotes... real money can be spent on research to actually curate with science... its not THAT hard to find out WHICh of the very small number of steem post we have left, are the best ones.... there's not much to choose from... sure the content pool is growing i hope.. but .. there's not THAT much good content and it doesnt take THAT smart of a person or machine to find out WHAt should be upvoted... by comparing the content OUTSIDE steem, on instagram and reddit....

if we can see what people actually like using scientific research, and have stemit inc only upvote THt content for a while it can PRIME the pump of good curation :)

Excellent very good action


Hi i am New, help me plis

A nice idea would be to get a group conversation together on a call or video and have those who are really familiar with what the system can do and those who are good at exploring ideas... get them together and go over the possibilities.

Brainstorming and giving a people an idea of possibilities is always a great way to get people starting to think and imagine what they'd do.

Sometimes people don't even know what questions to ask or where to start... hearing some people talk about these things is sometimes all a person needs to realize their APP could really do something awesome.

This is a great idea. When "close-to-the-metal" people meet "mind-in-the-sky" people, great products are often created with both high potential but also reasonable goals.

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After integrating communities into SMTs will be the next big thing on our platform too!

Great! We are getting ready! 🙂

Preparing dsteem and steempy libraries would be great to get more developers involved.

steemPy !!! (plz ...)

After all the shit I talked the last few months, I now have to say that I was wrong and that y'all are making excellent progress. The forks did effectively get rid of the death grip the bidbots had on the tredning page. I am already loving the communities and now I'm so excited to start playing with SMTs. Thank you for finally delivering Steemit Inc. This will make huge waves over the next few years!!!

If only more people that were against the HF would admit they were wrong this place would be much better. Not saying you were on of them, your concerns were reasonable but it's funny how most just keep saying that things aren't better, etc. Guess some just like to complain.

OK, some things are better now. ;-)

Well if the wizard is out, I guess it won't be long until we see some real magic

Some feedback for the Wizard:

  • Contribution / Launch Time have no date format stated - it would be cool if they would by set to current time by default
  • basically there should be tooltips / additional window with basic explanation what each parameter does

The Wizard!

Who took this pic of @gtg during Saint Patrick's

And what I was doing with that Bus Stop sign?

Good news;) I'm waiting for the release!

This is important update.We hope it will run soon.

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This is really exciting to see 🤩

This is good

Has anyone actually use the wizard and successfully create SMT on testnet?
Is it just me or the UI is bad and most fields are too small to see the entered values?
I also can't get past the first step.


yes , it works

It didn't when I posted that. Thanks for updating me.


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Looks just like a fancy version of Scotbot by @holger32 or @eonwarped very cool

Anyone have an idea of what an SMT's worth is in $'s? Anyone have any predictions for future $ value on SMT's? Just curious......

I have made something.


Steemit is best

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This is good

This seems VERY exciting indeed! ;)

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Nice shared😎

It's a good idea. I hope it's become better

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This is really cool to read. I'm quite excited to see this progress and can't wait for the official rollout!

!giphy wizard+party

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Really nice news!!

@steemitblog Not sure how to get in contact with you, so I’ll try it this way 😀

I would be interested in building a beauty community. The major problem that I see is how to get people to sign up on Steemit.

It is challenging as it is complicated for the everyday user to sign up. They don't want to pay to create an account. They can sign up for free on YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook and watch all the content they want. If they sign up for free on Steemit, it will take days (probably less for now) to get all the keys. And after that, they don't know what to do with the keys. So it’s a never-ending journey for them!

A "one button sign-up" is what we need to get people involved. I am wondering what it would take to build it. And if it would be possible to integrate it?

I know that there are some solutions, but this is still too complicated for the everyday user because it needs crypto or a visa card. Most people don’t even know Bitcoin.

I have an idea, but I don’t know how I can build it, and who I can contact to do so. I need help.

awesome. Can one set up an SMT without being an app owner, for example a community owner?

I did go to and I couldn't make it past the first page. I am hoping there is a glitch, either that or its not an intuitive as one might like it to be.

that is good plan

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Another step closer to an official release - nice work

I tried to access website using Chrome and Edge browser, they both need adjustment of box sizes to see the figure you enter.

It's promising, looking forward to see continuous improvement.

Awesome idea nice job

Nice information

Weeee!!! (Moonwalk) 🥳🥳❤

Go go go go go 🏃

looking forward for SMT

Is there any plans for the team to create a newb friendly blog dedicated to "what is an SMT and how can it affect me?"

that's good information thankyou sir


I am glad that you continue to improve the system of this platform, this makes it pleasant to invest your time in it, keep it up

Thanks for the post.

I think if everyone works hard at what they really like, which in this case is SMT it might work out, formally it's not my area so there's not much I can help with.

exelente muy buen aporte

Thanks for the post.

Excellent, Nice job,

Thank you, I think it's time to move to SMT testings!


Interresting for our platform hope it brings something

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This is the worst place to spam Mr. autovote

Lol unless they want to get rekt then this would be the best place to spam

True, maybe he has a rep death wish :)

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