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RE: SMT Testnet is LIVE

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Im hoping you guys have some sites in line to adopt this.

There is something i always hoped for and that was that steemit inc. would create a facebook type comment section that could be easily placed under a post on various websites that utilize the steem blockchain and reward the commenters.

That would be a major step towards mass adoption and something that would easily rival what facebook did.
Why hasnt anyone tried that?
Its exactly the same as what facebook did, but you can earn $$$ unlike with facebook.

The problem with SMTs will be the value proposition. The token only has worth if it has utility.
Steem rewards contributions based on proof of brain. Smts will have to go beyond that since Steem itself hasnt nearly achieved its potential.


Is that sort of along the lines of what the Brave Browser is doing with allowing twitter users to be "tipped" for their tweets?

The advantage of SMTs is that you can kinda see it as a new start. You got a limited quantity of SMTs which are only used to reward a certain kind of content, then you have to create value for this SMT in order for users to want to receive it.

While Steem is so much more around it.

Sure. But we have seen something similar with steem engine.
Smts will be basically the exact same thing from the consumer side.
Creating value is the hard part.

My point is that Steem itself should have been what SMTs are marketed as.
SMTs are simply ERC20s from a consumer point of view.

My question still stands... Why hasnt anyone created something similar to what facebook has in its comment section.

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Oh I agree, there should be an easy way to put a steem "like" button under your stuff anywhere, and an easy way to put a steem comment section.

As far as I know steempress is going for something pretty similar but for all wordpress forums.

Ive seen it with @scripsio that runs with @steempress but the comment section seems very clunky and hard to navigate.
It seems to me that it should be a major thing for the steem ecosystem and something that should not only put dev power into but also shill as the prime addition (if ever developed by them) alongside SMTs.

I think they arw on it...

Comments Widget
Publishers can quickly launch an SMT on their site by offering a Steem-based comments widget that integrates into existing blogs built on platforms such as WordPress and Blogger.
The publisher could take a percentage of the tokens (called “Shared Rewards”) and distribute the rest to the commenters on the site.
This model also creates a business opportunity for developers who want to build the next generation of crypto-enabled Disqus-like companies

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 4 years ago (edited)

This is actually the first example listed for use cases on the SMT website,

Take a look 🙂

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