"We've discovered the future of the internet"

in smt •  2 years ago  (edited)

If that statement doesn't get your juices flowing, I don't know what will!

Check out this latest video from the CEO of steemit.com:

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I am just getting caught up on the latest happenings around here, but this is yuge.

Anytime someone talks about the future of the internet, they have my attention.

From my understanding, this would provide a way for any website to monetize its content. Not via ads that are annoying and that no one even watches but in a real way that reflects the actual value people give to content online.

Yes please, more of this!

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SMTs are going to be huge if the quality of their development team is any indication. A gap exists in the market for something exactly like this, and who better to develop and implement it? Take a look at the white paper, as this is definitely something to keep on your radar if you have an interest in emerging cryptomarkets.

I agree. The potential is very exciting here. Will be interesting to see the companies start signing up for this as the days roll by.

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Thank you for your upvote. I appreciate it.

This is beyond revolutionary and makes me glad I have a meager pile of SP.

Found you on steemfollower.com by the way.

That's great, is it up and running again?

I was on there about an hour ago, so it looks like it's fixed!

Great news. I will have to venture back as well.

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Can I trade em for steem power?