Topped My Previous Actifit High!: Response To Comments

in smt •  4 months ago

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Best Is Yet To Come

My plan is to soon top this @actifit high. Also I decided to go ahead and answer comments from that post as well. Thanks for all the support yall give. It's a blessing! Shalom.

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No time to check it out Earl, can you quickly sum up what Actifit is? Sounds interesting to me if it is Steem fitness app.


No worries. It's an app that pays people to move. It's built on the steem blockchain.


Epic, I will get that soon, thank you Earl.

I left them a long comment after reading about and trying this app out.

successful proof of activity.

You mean just using your smartphone, because just touching it almost counts as an activity, you want to make us smartphone addicted here for cash? Of course not, but it will lead to that as some people do everything for money.

I first thought of how awesome this system is, then the realization hit me that some Steemtards will just shake their fucking smartphones or carry it with them all the time to get some shekels aka game this shit and risk getting cancer.

I am buff and would like to get more ripped, I don't need motivation for that I jogg anyway, getting money for that would be awesome.

But seeing that it is impossible to get money because some skinnyfat dudes shake their smartphones makes me uninstall it immediately. It is no wonder to me they don't upload pictures because they ain't active at all and certainly don't belong on the leaderboard.


Small upvote for visibility, fix your reward system or this app will be useless to me, I won't shake or carry my smartphone all the time for some money and risk cancer.

Proof of real activity:



Haha sorry bro just saw this. Totally understand. I don't even try to compete with those who are top movers. Most of what earn from actifit is from my delegation to them.

They are constantly upgrading and improving which is a good sign. They have so far been very strict on abuse. Hopefully it will get better. But abusers will exist as long as gravity does.

Love the pic. You remind me of Bronson played by Tom Hardy minus the beard and prison lol.


Thank you Earl.

The motivation for me to use it would be the money, but competing against those cheaters?

Maybe I just use it a couple of times to see if I get more money with it, monetizing my workouts is certainly awesome.

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What can I do when I go to gym??


You're asking the wrong person haha. Just kidding. I mean it depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your body.