4 Airdrops for the Steemit Community

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Steemhunt Airdrop:

@steemhunt is giving away 100M HUNT tokens to Steem Power holders on a 1:1 ratio. So far, 11% have been claimed and this airdrop will run to 13th September 2018. To claim your tokens visit https://steemhunt.com and log in with Steemconnect. On profile under WALLET you can claim your tokens.

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Support @Steemhunt with a Steem Power delegation and you will receive token payouts on a weekly basis + 5% beneficiary reward.

More informations about the delegation system can be found here

Byteball Airdrop:

Byteball is also hosting an airdrop for the community. The rewards depend on the Steemit reputation score and are as follows:

Reputation 45 or above: $10.00 reward
Reputation 50 or above: $40.00 reward
Reputation 60 or above: $80.00 reward
Reputation 70 or above: $160.00 reward


To claim the reward:

  1. Download the Wallet https://steem-byteball.org/#5X357GKP62HDD6UTXQ4XPKHYXMA24W4C
  2. Choose single adress
  3. Open Chat and go to steem attestation bot
  4. Follow all the steps to link your steem username and confirm with steemconnect
  5. Now you will receive your FREE bytes

Dlike Airdrop:

Dlike is 100 days now on Steemit and they want to celebrate this with an bounty Airdrop. They are giving away 5 million Dlike tokens for following tasks:

dlike task.png

To receive the tokens you have to visit the Discord Channel and post your progress in the airdrop channel. An admin will then check the progress and send the token to your wallet.

dlike wallet.png

Dlike is also giving 1:1 dlike tokens for all Steem Power delegations + 5% beneficiary rewards. Just delegate Steem Power to @Dlike.

On https://steembottracker.com/delegation.html you can easily manage your delegations.

Air-Clinic Airdrop:

$1 Million AIRCOIN are allocated for this Bounty Campaign by @air-clinic.

In order to participate, you first have to download the Android App and create a new Account. Then you have to visit the AIRDROPS Page here and log in. Now the tasks are available to get entrys for this airdrop. There are many possibilities such as follow on twitter, daily login bonus, read the whitepaper and many more. You can come back everyday to increase your entrys.


Air-Clinic is also rewarding supporters with monthly Token payout to their in-App token Wallet. Date of distribution is 21st of every month! Delegate SP to @Air-Clinic to join the sponsor program.

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Also, if you are looking to get some tokens without investing or mining check out Crowdholding (https://www.crowdholding.com). They are a co-creation platform were you get rewarded for giving feedback to crypto startups on the platform. You can earn Crowdholding's token as well as DeepOnion, ITF, Smartcash and many other ERC-20 tokens.

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Thank you for sharing.Steemit is so real so dont stop and keep on steeming and enjoy the airdrops.

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