DLIKER Wallet Live on DLIKE

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Hello Steemians!

Here is another update as per our earlier announcement. DLIKER wallet is live on DLIKE

Go to DLIKER wallet

DLIKER wallet Features

DLIKER wallet has following features available

  • Claim Reward: You can claim rewards
  • Transfer: You can transfer DLIKER tokens to any other user
  • Delegate: You can delegate tokens to any other user
  • Stake: You can stake tokens to increase DLIKER Power
  • History: Transactions history of your DLIKER token is also available
  • Delegation Details: You can see all delegation given and received
  • Undelegate: Option to undelegate is also available
  • Unstake: You can unstake DLIKER tokens as well
  • DLIKER Price: Latest DLIKER price from steem engine market is also added
  • All the actions are available with steem keychain as well as steemconnect.

    We are thankful to @fundition for all the support of upcoming developments.

     @freedom | @supergiant | @devann | @shellyduncan | @vimukthi | @m18207319997 | @hayalet | @daumantas | @steemyoda | @lukestokes | @afzaal4

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    Staking half... Selling half for no less than .5 Steem... This project is the closest thing to bridging blockchains that Steemit has. Kudos guys.

    @tipu curate

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    That's wonderful.

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    Thanks for continuous support to #dlike

    What about the main token (DLIKE) is this still useless at this point in time?

    Another great steps toward success.Go ahead Dlike.

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