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RE: What is Communities & SMTs - Can I make money on it?

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I keep wondering how long those "forked/ vapor ware" projects will stick around. It seems the money would run out for them and people would eventually stop doing that so much and some the real projects could rise and get some attention.

Anyway, someone is probably looking at that article and it really wouldn't take much to light the fire again and we would be off on another bull run.


I talk to crypto traders offline and most have no clue about the underlying technology. They are simply buying and selling based on charts.

The other thing that keeps "dead" projects alive is that due to their decentralised nature, it's hard to tell it's stopped unless you go off and check the GitHub repository for updates. Again, most traders don't do that.

Like a kid who plays with his food, eventually it will get cold, they will get bored and move to the next coin.

But this all takes times.

As for another bull run, fear can turn to greed very quickly in this type of retail lead market. There are no real analysts or rating agencies for Crypto yet.

But on the bright side, if you're buying, you can pick up some great bargains as most of the money is chasing the buzz of the day, leaving genuine projects very undervalued

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