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Please update us on HiveMind next. This kind of update is HIGHLY appreciated and will contribute to increase the faith of the community about the protocol.


It is sorely needed.

Silence is not golden in this case. The more information that the development team shares, at least in broad strokes, the higher the comfort level will be.

It is when months go by without communication that people start to believe the development team does not care (an absurd conclusion in my opinion but one people make).

With SMT release STEEM not only join the fabric chain but also it has proven platform with almost million userbase (e.g. Steemit, Dtube) and record transactions with its side while EOS/NEO has to prove they can deliver the product. With SMT, STEEM could (should) have advantages over other fabric chain with lofty promises but no proofs yet (e.g. userbase or DApps). STEEM also has advantage of solving the issue of distribution being the early mover and on-live for two years where is no silver bullet for fair distribution (e.g. PoW, PoS etc.) other than dilution with time.

Fabric is releasing a SMT?

wow.... i love your comment.... carry one man,,,,, can you like me ?

The Hivemind GitHub is pretty active, with commits on a nearly daily basis. The project is much more than just Communities - a comprehensive social platform (interpretive) layer on top of the Steem blockchain. From what I can tell, there's just one developer assigned to it, at least externally, which is why it's taking so long. (I wouldn't be surprised if there are other developers testing it internally.) They are doing a great job, though, but I do hope to see more developers actively work on it. As others have pointed out, it was mentioned in last week's update too.

But yes, I appreciate the general sentiment. Hivemind is all I care about. It is abundantly clear that the number one complaint for lot of newbies is "discoverability" (well, apart from being butthurt about their earnings, and the bandwidth errors), and many would be excited to know more about Communities. A dedicated post about it is very necessary, outlining the final specification, as well as answering the big questions like "Who owns the community namespaces?"

Indeed, been wondering the "Who owns the community namespaces?" question last week after the winter update. For example who will own the big ones like travel, nature, sports, .... ? Is it first come, first served? Will there be voting, ....?

And what with the smaller niches. I follow the diving tag daily and wonder who will be given the possibility to make a diving community and appoint the moderators and what will happen when the owner of a community drops dead or leaves the steem platform?

I believe that these are separate departments, although I guess that they will make updates on every major development more often. It seems that Steemit Inc. marketing team is doing a great job keeping the community updated; it is much better than the last year!

Exactly my thoughts, this should have priority in my opinion too. 80% of the user accounts don't even think about engaging with the blockchain at all, yet allone launching their own SMT's. On the other side, one big company like nike would be enough to drive user engagement up through the roof with their SMT's. I have no clue what will happen in the future but I'm excited for both technologies, keep up the good work @steemdev

carry one man,,,,, can you like me ?

@crytoctopus I agree we need more faith in the community so @ned that could be an improvement idea not trying to bash either one of you just constructive criticism. [Please don't take it the wrong way @ned thanks @crytoctopus I agree with your points and thanks @ned.
thumbs up @ned for making smt's better and overall helping us grow we will soon be one of the biggest social medias in the web.
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