Tips to Detox from Smoke Exposure

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It seems like the entire west coast is on fire and the rest of us are feeling the effects of all that smoke. @CanadianRenegade did a post on working in the smoke which got me thinking about the detox that we should all do regularly, but especially during times like these.

Sorry about the background noise. With 4 kids sometimes there is no such thing as a quiet corner of the house! But such is life and one day I'll miss the noise, right?

Anyway, these are just a few tips to help you detox from the smoke inhalation. If you've got any more tips, I'd love to read them. Please comment below. Thanks!

I chose @Crowbarmama as a handle because I believe in doing the best you can with what you have on hand. The crowbar is a multi-purpose tool. You’ll notice my photography is a bit rough, my grammar is not the most polished, but as a homeschooling, homesteading mama of 4, if I waited to take my photos until the light was perfect or re-edited my posts a 5th time ( I shoot for 3 drafts), I would never get a post out!

Don’t sweat the small stuff, just Crowbar it!

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We don't have the wildfire here but we have some hazy periods here when our neighbouring countries burn the hills for paddy plantation. So happen that season is now so your reminders are so useful to me too in South East Asia. Take care you all. Is your 5-year-old better from all that vomiting? I wanted to comment and thank you for the homemade energy drink recipe but I guess I have forgotten about that :P

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@happycrazycon Yes, the detox is good for all of us at some time or another. Thanks for asking about my boy. He's great! It was very strange-very quick and not severe at all. Just thankful that no one else had it. The laundry gets quite overwhelming when the whole family gets sick. Doesn't happen very often, but with 6 in the house, you can imagine! 😆

Hey thanks for the positive energy and advice! Vitamin C - check. Beer is vitamin B right? IF so - CHECK!

Such a great blog and family.


Hey as long as you're getting som Vit C in there, we can let the rest slide, right? 😉 As long as it's good quality beer, which with you I'm sure is the case!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

No fires here, but you did remind me to take my vitamin C! Are you worried about the farmer idea at all getting close to you?


Yes, that Vit C is something I do in spurts. I'll be religious about it for weeks, then all of a sudden realize I've gone days without it! Lol! Life as a mom, I guess. They just put out a fire that was very near us so for now, we're fine. Thanks for checking in.

Thanks for the tips. That’s what it’s been looking like here in northern MN as well. Today looks better though. Maybe the smoke is why my throat has been getting a little scratchy lately.


Yes. We all had scratchy throats and burning eyes yesterday. We had some strong winds yesterday which helped clear it up a bit.

Nice video, thanks for sharing!

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Great advice @crowbarmama! Oh, throat coat! Matt's aunt gave me some of that when were in Montana on our honeymoon and I got a sore throat! I used it sparingly when I got home because I can't find it here. I may just need to look harder though. Magnesium spray! We used to do that before bed but it made my legs way too itchy! I have never tried as a decoders though, I will need to give that a go. Thanks for tips and reminders. -Aimee


I order my Throat coat thru Amazon by the case for a good price.


I order my Throat
Coat thru Amazon by the
Case for a good price.

                 - crowbarmama

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


That's the best tip I have gotten all day! I hadn't even thought of Amazon. Genius. -A


It saves my sanity. Subscribe and save FTW! 😆Seriously...