#smlchallenge Ludovichs feat. Dry Bass - De tus ojos mi sol (original)

in smlchallenge •  last year

hello steemeans this is my new track now released in youtube.


my original music for #smlchallenge

(oh uhh oh ludovichs dry bass)
Overnight, you have become my thinking, how to forget that you make this fairy tale better, you know that you are the only one, the one that I know that my life loves, everything that is in front of you, I want you to my,
uh oh of your eyes my sun
uh oh uh oh quiet here I am
uh oh of your eyes my sun
uh oh uh oh quiet here I am
you were born to me and you know it, from my heart you have the key, from my thoughts my truth is, that I do not want this dream to end
baby come with me
forget the past
I am overly in love with you
baby come with me
You have me crazy with happiness
uh oh of your eyes my sun
uh oh uh oh quiet here I am
uh oh of your eyes my sun
uh oh uh oh quiet here I am
1 2 3 I found you, scream to heaven that now you see me, but I have all your love, in life I will always walk like a madman, let go so that you feel like the hit sounds, we are on the active track Dry bass and ludovichs, breaking the border with music here, rumbling the bass in the disco sounds fine if, I look at the sky and I can follow you because you are for me, I look at the sky and I can feel you, because you are for me, (dry dry ddry bass, ludovichs music venezuela chile latinos unidos)

thanks for hear my music :)

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Ayyy what a passion filled entry.

Such a dope Latin hit right here and those lyrics man what a story and very relateable.

Not really the theme of Celtic Crossroads but appreciate you sharing it with the community.

Excited to hear more from you all. Much love and respect.

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