SML Feedback Contest Round 4 | A DSound Community Initiative

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SML Feedback Contest Round 4

15 Days To Enter And Earn Points!

The main focus of this Feedback Contest, is for Musicians and Producers that are participating in the SML Contests, like the SML Challenge, Beat Battle League, & the Chord Challenge, any SML Contest where you are the creator/producer of the music for Season 2. I find that having a fresh set of ears listening to your track always comes in handy! And you never know, that bit of feedback you receive, just might put you in the winners slot.

Consider this an open invitation to all, submit your tracks, and give some positive and constructive feedback to your fellow Producers and Musicians taking part in the challenges. :-)

And now the SML is partnered with DSound, the decentralized sound platform harnessing the power of the STEEM blockchain.

DSound's support of the Steemit Music League will allow for greater recognition and rewards the Steemians who take part in the SML's contests and challenges. So a big shout out to @prc , @dsound!

This round there are SBD Prizes, and Double Whaleshares, plus the amounts may rise depending upon how things work out. ;-)

And if you want to win the top spot this is how ya do it:

This is what we need, detailed song analysis! So take note of @novili's feedback. The last round was really great, and thanks to all who took part! So let's keep that momentum going with Round 4 with some awesome feedback, that is detailed as you can get.

Good Luck!

The Rules of the Road:

  1. Your track can be of any genre.

  2. Producers/Musicians: If you submit a track for feedback, in order to qualify, you need to give feedback to others on at least 1 track.

  3. Feedbackers: Provide constructive and positive feedback. BS comments will get a big red flag.

  4. There will be three tiers of prizes for the best feedback provided, judged by yours truly.

  5. Both the Producer and the person giving the feedback will get a 50/50 split of the prizes. And the Producer/Musician will earn points for the Challenges.

  6. In order to be awarded Whaleshares, you will need a BitShares Wallet, or have an account on OpenLedger. Any WS or VS not claimed will be kept in the prize vault for future contests.

Current Prize Pool:

First Prize: 14 SBD and 26 Whaleshares For 40 Points/2

Second Prize: 10 SBD and 20 Whaleshares For 30 Points/2

Third Prize: 6 SBD and 14 Whaleshares For 20 Points/2

So let's get it going on! Submit your tracks, and earn some Challenge Points...

And don't forget... show some love to your fellow Musicians and Producers with an Upvote!

The Feedback Contest: Round 4 is now live, and the current dates for submissions are:

Feb 25th until Mar 12th - 12 midnight est. Winners announced on Mar 13th 2018.

All songs entered are going to be added to the SMA-SML Feedback Contest Channel.

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  ·  last year (edited)

This is an awesome example for a benchmark feedback. Will try to stick to it next time I try to give a valuable opinion for a song.

Hopefully I'll be able to take part in this round.


Thanks for taking part in the contests @joymatters :-) I hope so too! Looking forward to seeing your feedback. Have a great evening.


Have a great evening as well (the next one) :)

Hello everyone. Here's my new submission. Enjoy listening! Already curious to get at least one opinion.


I have given a good couple of listens to your tune. I do not know anything about the Cord Challenge as I have not yet had time to look into it yet. but without knowing what the goal is there, i am gonna give my feedback just as is on the track you have presented @joymatters !

That being said, your tune really settled in for me in the 2nd half of the tune. I am a true lover of lofi electronics but i really wanted something more from this track at the beginning. so i would say i guess i am saying, you can bring us in with something more! or perhaps, something less.... What if your synth line was all broken and choppy. and the same with the beats, missing pieces, choppy and more disruptive, then as the tune builds, it all comes together and starts to grove how you have it. maybe this broken beat and synth intro could last 30 seconds to a minute. hell maybe longer. i bet you could find some good broken rhythms that you would enjoy the dance around, on its way to full groove.

This tune wants to be a power house and can be. but it is not yet there yet for me. you are only working with these two instruments and so there for, they have room to be bigger and fill the space. as well, this mix is not yet there, but with the time taken to EQ, add beef, some mixing technics, and more time, i believe you could find a big ass beautiful monster up in this peice!
It has all the attitude needed. just take the time to grow it!

This is what I am hearing and feeling. i hope this serves you and puts some ideas in your head to grow this bad mamajama!


I also feel that there's enough space to be filled. It's a decent feedback! Thanks for listening and for your efforts!


Hello, I must begin saying that I didn't liked it. However, when the track finally builds up I got that retro feel I assume you where looking for. I think there is much work ahead to make this piece great, so I wont point out the details but the concepts that you should take in consideration next time. The first is the silence, music is made by the arrangement of sounds and silences, so to get the listener a break the mid range instruments ( melodic and harmonic instruments ) shall not be playing all the time, or at least not at the same level ( volume and intensity). which takes me to the second concept, low range instrument like bass or big drums are often the base of the son so, the brain is used to (and likes to) hear the melodies on top of a base or basic sound, in your case it takes too long to get there (but as I said before when it builds up it is awesome). Now, I actually don't know what the chord challenge was about, but I am sure that if you keep those things in mind you will get some kick ass beats. Hope I didn't get too heavy, and sorry if the english is not perfect, keep rocking!

After checking out the previous round's entries I'm a little intimidated, but I figure if I'm scared then that's the reason to do it. Here goes nothing:!/@fireawaymarmot/lighthouses--maggies-table-original-song


We are all friends here, so no worries m8. ;-) Thanks for submitting an entry. Have a great day.


i keep trying and trying to listen but cant get it to play, download, not a nothing. can you send me another link?!?!


Yeah, Dsound giving me problems a lot as well; don't know if it's my file or my OS not able to play Dsound - playback seems very random for me there. Bandwidth issue, maybe. That version was my best mix which is why I went with the link.

Try this one:


Your a good god damn mad ass scientist and i am wickedly charmed by this beautiful, truly necessary and original tune!
No joke I love it. this is a perfect exsample of what i feel i am always talking about! It is fresh and truly creative! i feel i am always saying more creativity, but there is no fucking need to say that here!
And it has a really wonderful mix of lofi and hifi things happening here. Sloppy and precise blended swimmingly.
This tune has old and new, dancing in a meeting of bliss.
There is humor in this track. but i take this tune very seriously.
and i love the big switch in the middle. a beautiful surprise.
great job. i might go as far as saying, this might be my most favorite tune i have heard on steemit yet! thanks for making a truly wicked one!!! I love it! it speaks directly to me in many ways.


Wow, I'm very happy that you enjoyed my music that much. Thank you for the positive feedback, it really made my day.


yes! listening now! feedback coming!!

  ·  last year (edited)

Enjoyed the track, but it's so different to what I usually listen that I don't feel confident that my feedback will be valuable enough.

I'd say a quite unusual track with creative development all the way. It's awesome how you develop the clock beat and it finally shows up at 5:13 and the again at 6:12.

It's longer than usual, but it feels that you've been implementing your ideas all the way and you didn't want to cut almost anything.

Overall, my impressions are quite positive.


rad! thanks for listening and for your words! the track is long in the way it is as it pretty classicly made for djs! as i myself made a living as a dj for about 8 years of my life. and all the records us techno djs were buying and making where mostly 6 to 9 minutes long. long so a dj could mix 2 records together for 3 or 4 minutes to create a new song out of the two long tunes. and as i got further into it, i found i wanted less brakes in a song, so i could mix for a long time, and create the brakes myself. so this is my explanation for the structure and length of the tune! thanks again very kindly for sharing your thoughts!!!


I enjoyed listening to this. It did cut in quite abruptly for me - that will definitely jump start the tune. Since it's a longer piece I might have eased in, for the sake of the listener's endurance...(maybe I'm just a wimp!)

I liked the grandfather clock motif, and the main melody had a nice retro Thomas Dolby vibe, very percussive keyboards. The way you changed up that melody worked well towards sustaining the composition. And the mixing work overall was quite professional, I can tell that you have a great deal of dj experience.

Lots of interesting layers going on. At around 2:35 I noticed you filled up the beat for a bar as a buildup to the break rather than the usual sweeping thing a lot of dj's do - and I like that. Gives the piece a very angular feel, like jumping up at a 90 degree angle, rather than 45. My "ease in" comment could be taken in this context, like maybe a quiet bar or two before a quick jump...

And of course there were layers behind those angles that rose and fell smoothly, providing a nice juxtaposition with the geometric foreground.

After a couple of listens I've found that it it keeps growing on me. That's a good sign.

Damn thanks for the shoutout! :D Feedback is important and it's important to do it well :)

I'll be entering once again this week, this time with this song:

Hope to see some good feedback


Well said, and thanks for taking part in the contest, much appreciated! :-D


For some reason, this reminds me of LL Cool J "I need love"! Had to wait until the 1st drop to understand where you were going but i do like. While listening in finding flows to ride the beat. An emcee can approach this in many ways, though i feel if any vocals are laid on this they such be uplifting in nature. I suggest adding 808's drums to really solidify that knock on the verses. Overall this is a smooth tune hella chill. Salute


I am enjoying the emotion very much. it has an old school 80's LL. Cool J vibe to it that is very romantic. The fucking bass is magic. I almost want you to sample LL saying "I need love" and blend it right in!
I am enjoying the mix. i feel like there is a good range of levels the different sounds are popping at. It all works, but i think maybe there is still room to push some of these sounds with some more processing, i think you could get this track to sound like it is coming from a world i have never heard before. Maybe fuss with the drums a bit. maybe switching some of the drum sounds. i like them, i just wonder what would this tune sound like with a more rare and strange drum kit? i think you have a real good emotional tune going here! i truly do! that is why i wanna push you to take this to the beyond. i know i sometimes myself get into zones where i wanna finish a bunch of tracks and fast. and sometimes real magic can come from that. but sometimes when i listen to classical music on the am radio and the dj stars telling stories about composures who work on one piece of music for 10 years of their lives, i t makes me wanna put more time in on a tune. Super good tune! So LL i love it! I hope my thoughts help spin the brain! thanks for sharing!


This is nice work; very smooth and positive vibes, even with the melancholy feel. I like the way you start off with a single note and then build and layer everything from there. Good use of complimentary melodies, tones and textures... A finely balanced piece. I do find myself wondering to where those melodies could explore, if you were to try risking a key change or two... Of course sometimes doing that can cause a loss of focus that can only be regained by resorting to cliches - so maybe your judgement was correct in this case.
I can imagine listening to this while driving at dusk, similar to the image shown. All told it sounds like you accomplished exactly what you set out to do.


Super dope stuff homie, you got this!!

here our entry to the contest, we want to know what you think of our song, greetings to all ^^!/@funkmedia/20180306t152911055z-melodia-reprise-funk-media-original-song--steemit-music-league-challenge-s2r5


Attempted to listen .. But dsound wont play for me smh


here you can hear it, thanks for everything