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RE: "Summer Slumber" by Nowhere Near (Ambient Dream Electronica streaming mp3)


What a beautiful entry you created. Besides the beautiful, informative, and flowing post that just captivates you and hints at your creative writing talents, this music is extraordinary.

Love how I feel like I am sitting outside in the middle of nature. Almost like we are the only humans in a very populated forest and these are the sounds amplified surrounding us.

That flute-like sound is incredible. My ears latch on to that and man does it make the ears happy and raise the vibrations all at the same time.

Love how you mimic those cicadas with a synth wow wowwww what a talent. I remember those nights of loud cicadas they are so memorable. That sound sticks with you.

Much appreciation for all the time and effort that went into composing this music and post. Wowzerssssss.


Thank you, my friend. I really am pleased to hear those bugs got to you too ;-) !!!

I also really appreciate all the effort you put into running this gig!

O they sure did my friend o weeeee.

And thank you for your words; means a lot.