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I've missed you all
And this week marks the Feel Goodt return
I have a Dirty Digital number that we released back in 2009
"Goodt Day"download.jpg
This was our attempt at a summer time radio joint, feel good from the beat and concept with all the risers and crash trimming to go along. Harmonies and Autotune in full effect, the only thing missing was the budget to push, leaving us with a hidden gem!
This song did make its way to KISS FM in Chicago for an epic night including hanging with a young 18 yr old Chance the Rapper. All in all every time I put this song on, the piano drops and always gets me, hopefully it does the same for you.!/@lefthouse/20180311t234330831z-goodt-day


Ayyyyyy whatttt an uplifting hit.

"It's a good day..."

Love that catchy, positive hook.

Man did you integrate those female and male vocals so well. I can see why this made its way to KISS FM. It puts you in such a positive happy mood and a very professional high quality sounding song.

Love how you close the song out with that emphasis on the vocals towards the end (around 3:05-3:28).

Got some serious goosebumps listening to this. Much appreciation for sharing this hidden gem with the community.

thank you @chiefmappster
its the SMLC themes that make me think on these
love the contest and being a part of the community, feels much better than missing out.
keep inspiring my friend, thanks again.

Thank you for your words means a lot that the community is inspiring and helping each other.

You're very welcome and will do brother appreciate you.

well wrote the good day.