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in #smlc2 years ago

Ayyyyyy whatttt an uplifting hit.

"It's a good day..."

Love that catchy, positive hook.

Man did you integrate those female and male vocals so well. I can see why this made its way to KISS FM. It puts you in such a positive happy mood and a very professional high quality sounding song.

Love how you close the song out with that emphasis on the vocals towards the end (around 3:05-3:28).

Got some serious goosebumps listening to this. Much appreciation for sharing this hidden gem with the community.


thank you @chiefmappster
its the SMLC themes that make me think on these
love the contest and being a part of the community, feels much better than missing out.
keep inspiring my friend, thanks again.

Thank you for your words means a lot that the community is inspiring and helping each other.

You're very welcome and will do brother appreciate you.