Strategies to keep smiling all the time

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Strategy to keep your mind fresh.

Smiling refreshes one’s mind. It is proved medically that smiling help heart diseases to stay away. So, smiling is important for us. But as life is not always happy, keeping smiling all the time is tough. But its possible.
I’d like to share some strategies for smiling all the time for you:

  • Mark the right one: If a glass of water that is half-full, is brought in front of us, some of us will see half of the glass is empty and some of us will see half of the glass is filled. It means each people has his own angle of thinking. Think from the right angle and mark that one. Whenever you get time, think of a problem you’re trying to solve, or search your mind for a big idea. At the end of the day, you will have peace in mind and thus can smile.

  • Gratefulness is important: Being grateful to others even for simple reasons is another big way to keep smiling. Thank the people around you for the simplest of the reasons. You will get self-satisfaction and thus will be able to be happy and smile.

  • Try not to lose the childish behavior fully: Act like a child. It will give you a lot of pleasures. Watch cartoons, play childish games will give you satisfaction and make you smile a lot. It will remind of the happiness of childhood and thus allow you to keep smiling.

  • Give your friends some time: friends are always a great source of happiness. Try to give some times to your friends daily. Gossip with them. It will make your mind fresh which will help you to keep smiling.

  • Keep you face happy: keep you face happy all the time. Sometimes it may be fake, but do it. It will send a message to your brain that you are happy in real terms. So your brain will allow you to have peace in mind. And there is no better thing to have a peaceful mind to keep smiling.
  • These are some of the universal strategies that brings happiness in your life and thus make you smile all the time


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    good info

    Happiness is something wonderful and we can even transmit to those around us with a smile and maintain a happy and healthy environment.

    always able to smile it is amazing

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    i'll follow your strategies to keep smiling..!
    need up-vote to build reputation support me,

    genau immer smily

    Good morning.. Nice.. Like my post.. 😀😀😀

    No doubt that smiling and being happy helps the well-being. There are times when being contented frees us from diseases that we are about to suffer or we have them at the moment, it has happened to me and I know what I am talking about. Positive mind, positive life.

    every day we face a lot of troubles, keeping a smile could be very difficult, but not impossible. The more you smile, the less you get sick... sooo Just keep smiling all the day ;).