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SmartVote content upvote stats for the last 3 days

Below are the Top3 0 posts upvoted by @smartvote since 2019-05-28.

Comment by @catwomanteresa$0.2941
Comment by @catwomanteresa$0.2940
Comment by @joeylim$0.2440
EOS 1st June announcement. What will happen to the price? by @culgin$0.2440
Do you want to see a co-op game on Steem? Results sharing and prize distribution! by @culgin$0.2438
Comment by @joeylim$0.2434
My Entry Into Pay It Forward Curation Contest Week 60 by @guifaquetti$0.2424
BẾP QUÊ- KHÓI LAM CHIỀU (Hometown flavor) by @a-alice$0.1227
Contest Kings Verified - 29th May 2019 by @contestkings$0.0290
Contest Kings Verified - 30th May 2019 by @contestkings$0.0288
The Daily Brief 2019-05-27 by @amnlive$0.0246
R-E-S-P-E-C-T... Find Out What It Means To Me... by @metametheus$0.0246
Comment by @moeknows$0.0245
Comment by @metametheus$0.0240
Comment by @achim03$0.0237
Comment by @livvu$0.0222
TacoCat’s Travels (Finland) #23: Roller Coastin' 🎢 by$0.0221
Comment by @livvu$0.0219
Comment by @livvu$0.0217
Comment by @russia-btc$0.0140
Comment by @russia-btc$0.0140
Comment by @russia-btc$0.0140
Discussing Korporatio With Stefano Covolan by @scottcbusiness$0.0120
Crowdfunding Campaign for Our Weekly Fruits Program || Part 51 || by @schoolforsdg4$0.0072
A step into the Past! by @papilloncharity$0.0072
Comment by @cwow2$0.0063
Comment by @otom$0.0060
Comment by @cwow2$0.0060
Comment by @bluerobo$0.0047
Comment by @bluerobo$0.0040

What is SmartVote?

SmartVote is a delegation-based upvote system that will reward quality content authors with 10x their delegation in the form of daily upvotes on their content or daily payout of STEEM into their wallet.

SmartVote Services highlights

Our main points are:

  • Fixed 10x upvote based on the amount of SP you delegate, for example: if you delegate 1000 SP we will use 10000 SP to upvote your content.
  • If you opt for daily payout of STEEM directly to your wallet, we will pay you a fixed 13% annual return. So for example: if you delegate 1000 SP, you will receive 0.356 STEEM per day regardless of the price of STEEM.
  • You can control your SmartVote membership preferences by using micro transfers with some specific commands added to the transfer MEMO.
  • allocate part or all of your delegated SP with other Steemians, this is ideal if you are running regular contest and want to share your SmartVote benefits with your contest winners

Delegation links

You can estimate your ROI using our SmartVote Calculator and our SmartVote Delegation Tool will allow you to start delegating and getting upvotes.

For those who want to start delegating right now, here are the SteemConnect delegations links:

For custom delegation amount use our SmartVote Delegation Tool.

Contact us

If you would like more clarifications please contact us on our Discord server: Alternatively, you could also leave a comment on our posts, but a direct chat can make life simpler.

For up-to-date information about our services, please head to our website:

Thank you for using our service!
The SmartVote team.


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