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Greetings Steemians,

When we first introduced our SmartPoints concept some questions were left unanswered. This post should cover the most important ones you might have.

What are SmartPoints?

SmartPoints is a token system we've created to reward delegators to @smartsteem. SmartPoints can be redeemed for services, which are going to be released in the near future.

What are SmartPoints worth?

Right now, they're worth nothing. But we're planning on giving SmartPoints value.

For example, by incorporating them in our service fee structure thus creating a need for them and by setting a fixed supply. Besides that, our plan also includes an option for redeeming SmartPoints for future project services/products.

How many SmartPoints will there be in existence?

There is currently not a final amount, but we will not dilute already existing SmartPoints by printing much more. Once we've released our new version of, we will most likely answer the question about the total supply of SmartPoints.

Can SmartPoints be redeemed for Steem?

Maybe in the future.

Can SmartPoints be traded?

No. SmartPoints can't be traded at this point of time. But they will might be tradable in the future.

How do I get SmartPoints?

For every 1000 Steempower delegated to @smartsteem, you'll receive 1 SmartPoints daily. Distribution is at 3 PM UTC.

Where do I see how many SmartPoints I have?

You can find the number of SmartPoints on your account in your dashboard.

How do I know you're actually distributing SmartPoints?

At every distribution, we're broadcasting multiple transactions (custom_json with id smartsteem and first key distribution) to the blockchain, which are containing the distributed SmartPoints.

Info: The 2nd distribution on the blockchain was unplanned and thus is not being added to the total distributions. Everything else afterwards, is correct

What are you doing with the delegated Steempower?

Curating content on Steem to retain and attract users with the goal to increase the value of Steem tokens over time. We are not self-voting nor selling those votes or other forms of abusing the Steempower. You can follow what we're curating via SteemPeak:

Besides curating, we're also actively using the Steempower to downvote abuse & spam on Steem.

More Questions?

If you've got more questions, please let us know in the comments below. If they are fitting into the FAQ, we'll add them as well.

Team Smartsteem


Hey, I just wanted to get in touch with you about some votes that I purchased from smartsteem a little while ago. I ended up taking a loss on it even though the site claims that there is a guaranteed 20% ROI WITH the 50% curation included in the equation.

My post was worth a little over 1 Steem before I purchased the votes, then I sent you guys 16 Steem. Now my post when it pays out will be around 13 Steem. It should be worth 17 Steem at the bare minimum.

I'm wondering if there is any way that we can resolve this by the means of more votes to equate to what I paid for, or send me back the difference. I've been a loyal user of Smartsteem for quite some time now and I would really appreciate it if we could come to amends on this situation. Thank you for time.

We're not guaranteeing ROI, instead, there is a fixed calculation, but if the market is behaving irrational, there's only so much we can do. Also, remember that you're paying for promotion and not for votes to make money. The ROI is simply a buffer.

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You said 1 smartpoints for every 1000 sp, so it is least delegation amount to earn that point or I can delegate 100 to earn smartpoint

If you delegate 100 SP, you'll receive 0.1 SmartPoints daily.

Additionally being a delegator can we get the additional curation on post as well as mentioned earlier ?

We've decided against that option for now. There will most likely be a way for people with enough SmartPoints to submit a post for review or something else in that area.

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Hi why do i get an "heroku logs error" when trying to amend the delegation? how to i get about this?

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