Kicking off a new Week - Updated ROI for Delegations

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Greetings fellow Steemians, we realize Mondays are usually the one day of the week no one feels like celebrating. It's probably because of this very reason that we find it fitting to share with you all some great news.

Delegators now earn 100% of Profits

And yes, that is not a mistake you are reading. Starting today, all delegation investors in Smartsteem will earn all the liquid rewards made by @smartsteem, it's that simple. We trust that this change will motivate more people to get involved with the Smartsteem community.


Visit to calculate how much you can earn with Smartsteem.

This change is effective starting today and if you're already work with us, there is nothing you have to do to make it go into effect.

Minimum Post Age reduced to 15 Minutes

Another change we've implemented is the reduction of the minimum post-age for promotion via @smartsteem. (bidding for votes).

Previously 20 minutes, now 15 minutes.

This means, your post has to be at least 15 minutes old to be voted on, otherwise the vote will come as soon as your post is old enough.

What's next?

Our goal here is to make things easier and give the smartsteemians the flexibility they need.

We are working on releasing a series of educational material that will help Smartsteemians understand the most optimal way of promoting their content and this change is in line with our efforts.

Our sincerest Gratitude

Not only for our investors and partners, but to everyone that trust Smartsteem. We fully intend to continue our commitment to deliver the best products we possibly can.

Team Smartsteem

More about Smartsteem

Terms of Service


Brilliant - thanks @smartsteem for providing a way for us small fry to get seen and heard. Look forward to delegating some SP real soon!

Thank you @seetheworld.sgp!

Our goal is exactly that. Keep on creating your amazing content!


Good news. Time to delegate more steempower.

I have never delegated, wonder if it's worth it with the price being down?

Thanks for posting. Am glad am now here full time. To also improve this community. I regret abandoning my account for months. But am glad am back. We are making this community improve together. Thumbs up for the post!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.

Welcome back @etimemediong! Don't worry about the past, stay positive and keep on posting on Steem!


When using the Vote Selling.

Can I see who my vote went to ?

I am just curious.

Yes, right on the dashboard... look all the way at the bottom where it says Promotion Sold.

promo sold.PNG

Ohhhh Thanks alot :D

I was looking at another TAB :)

Something wrong with picker of votes. Every day i choose "All available upvote" and press Save, but for next day is same story, again "Normal votes"

Hey @barbadosso,

thank you for the feedback!

We fixed the problem and you're now able to change the setting in addition with seeing your current setting when buying votes directly through


i see, thanks!

I obviously welcome the increased ROI but I also encourage you to clarify that Smartsteem's revenue comes from the curation of upvoted posts.

Like any other business , Smartsteem also needs funds to operate so 100% profit redistribution sounds too good to be true and would be more credible when grounded in the juxtaposed revenue source of


Hey @itstime,

thank you for the feedback. We'll improve the clarification! Thank you!


Let's say a little about the rules of how to perform this program.

Let's say a little
About the rules of how to
Perform this program.

                 - mdabu

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

100% of profits? Nice!

How much was it before, 90%?

Hey @techwizardry,

it was 95% before.



how much will i win if i delegate 12000 sp???

Hey @julisavio,

Take a look at and

In your case, Vote-Selling might be attractive as well, since you don't have to delegate your SP away and can continue to upvote manually.

If you have more questions, feel free to join us on discord:



Delegation is good option and good way to earn passive income , but I have never delegated , but this time I will try for sure thank you for this update

Is there a minimum requirement to sign up and sell your votes?

Great updates :)

Great news
As a membersof @smartsteem I received this information very well.
I will delegate more steem to your service.
Thank you

I have delegated my sp to smartsteem, I am happy to hear this update.

@smartsteem, I'm interested in the same topic as you, let's spin it together. I signed on to you, I hope you'll sign up for me. Always glad to meet new people!

Great Steemit Product

Very good news.

Waaaooo you did good job. Your article has much information which I did not know before read your article. I had not any idea about smartsteem. I think it will be beneficial for me.

great news nice informative blog. up voted to you.
even my blog is related to travel if you like my blog up voted to me. thank you in advance.

hello @smartsteem - I sent you 5.6 SBD TO PROMOTE this post I was so shaken up by the terrible injury to the young boy that I forgot to attach the blog link in my memo and wrote charity instead -- I was shaken up and haven't used the bot services for so lon I actually forgot what I have to do-- can you please apply the 5.6 SBD to the blog link I have attached here ???? many thanks for any assistance you can give in promoting this very important blog to help a gofund me for an boy mauled by pitbulls apology for making an error

Hey @daydreams4rock,

we've gone ahead and refunded the amount. For urgent requests we prefer discord:


many thanks -- I appreciate your help

Can you explain how this works @smartsteem

Nice post

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Hey man, what's the average APR?

Hey @enazwhasdarb,

the APR is always changing that's why we try to stay away from an APR. You can always see the current ROI at

Thank you.


thanks for the this information

I quite look the return amount you guys are giving in return looking forward to buy big Sp and delegate rather than keep using steem every day.

smartmarket nave any probleme? In last 24 hiur tale money not upvote and not returnated the money .Ceck @alextuteu ușer sent 10.51 steem and got nothing back

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