Introducing: SmartPoints

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Greetings Steemians,

as you might know, we recently announced that we're going to start manually curating posts on Steem.

Curation for #NewSteem

We've been curating for a few days now and even added a custom comment yesterday that we're posting under each curated post, so users know that the author didn't just buy the vote, but was actively selected for curation. (Later today, we will release a post, where the curated posts will be shown and where we'll publish our curation ethos)

So far, it's been very refreshing to support the community directly as well as people bringing value to Steem, by using proof-of-brain to give out rewards.

We're planning to focus mainly on curation with the Steempower we have currently been delegated to by delegators.

This, of course, creates a problem with lower payouts (possibly even none, with 100% curation) since we're not powering down and sharing the curation rewards.

The Reason Against Curation Sharing

The reason we ultimately decided against the route of powering down and sharing the curation rewards, is not because we just want to profit from it, not at all. It is primarily because managing the accounting for crypto is already complicated and adding curation rewards sharing with 13 weeks powerdown is a bit too much for the current situation.

This might change over time, as we've got more time on our hands after the re-release of But what's the alternative until then?

Introducing: SmartPoints

What are SmartPoints?

SmartPoints is a token (not a SE token) that is going to be distributed at 3 PM UTC every day to delegators, (distribution will also be published to Steem blockchain for transparency) at a rate of delegated_steempower / 1000. Example: Bob delegates 10,000 Steempower to @smartsteem and will receive 10 SmartPoints daily.

These SmartPoints will not be tradeable at first (might be in the future) but instead will function and can be redeemed in different ways.

1.) For Smartsteem Services

We're currently redoing completely and this will also include new tools & services, which will be fuelled by SmartPoints.

2.) For Other Projects

The goal with Smartsteem was it always to build something with revenue, that can function as a fundament to bootstrap other projects.

So far, this has been a great success and we're planning on implementing SmartPoints to be redeemed for other goods on these new projects, where you can then benefit from being an early adaptor of these projects and a supporter of Smartsteem.

Closing Thoughts

Those are the two main ways we plan on giving value to SmartPoints, but more will most likely be added over time. Of course, we're not able to guarantee that SmartPoints are definitely going to have a value. But we love blockchain technology way too much to stop with Smartsteem. Again, this is an incubator for many great things to come and we hope you'll join us.

We're going to keep you updated on changes and should have implemented the display of SmartPoints on later today.

Last but not least, we want to thank everyone for the positive response on our recent changes and we hope that you're seeing how sincere we are about changing our business model for #NewSteem.

Team Smartsteem

PS: The first distribution of SmartPoints happens today!


You guys were always so great to me, I think I will earn smartpoints but I must reduce my delegation in that I want to provide value to my posts for the moment. Definitely trust you guys will do quite well with this new initiative... thanks for the good times, and oh were they good!

No problem! We think that big stakeholders might find the idea interesting to earn something else than STEEM for diversification purposes.

Thanks for this clarity because I had begun to think that I wasn't receiving my daily payouts. I'm curious to see how this work out as im waiting to see the changes before I delegate more steem power. Again thanks for the information.

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I cant wait to use the smart points tokens

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Great iniciative and happy to heard this news 👍

Perfect! I am very pleased to read this and will delegate 10,000 Sp

@smartsteem sir why are you downvoted my post i am very poor person please do not do it remove your downvote

I'm trying to do the delegation and I don't understand

Question, will buying SteemMonsters packs now earn us smartpoints as loyalty rewards? I assume yes just clarifying :)

Good Question, but no. If you buy SteemMonster packs over our website, you'll get a share of STEEM/SBD. SmartPoints will only be distributed via delegation.

Great news!

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