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Fellow Smartsteemians,

have you ever wondered how much STEEM & SBD you're actually making by selling your votes or by delegating Steempower with Smartsteem?

Well. We did, that's why we've implemented a new revenue overview feature inside the dashboard, which calculates your revenue over a period of x-days.

This feature is now live on If you want to check out your own revenue, simply head over to:

Besides that, we've also improved our site in multiple other places / solved a few problems you guys have reported.

We're currently hard at work behind the scenes, but if you have feature-requests or if you experience problems, please let us know. Preferably through discord:

Alright, with that out of the way - a big thanks to all of our customers & users. You are awesome!

Team Smartsteem

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Great feature, long overdue. :p
Loving the constant improvements. :-)


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This has really been great smartsteem because i never regretted joining this smartsteem and this new develpoment is really great to hear


New site


0.003 daily revenue with 10 SP delegation is really worthy.

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Tell me another simpler way tomearn a 10% ROI?


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Thanks for the info!

Hi, one thing I've always appreciated as @smartsteem has developed is the amount of mathematical information it presents. Even when parameters need changing due to market conditions, it is done explicitly.

Cool feature, and the ui is looking pretty good!

Is there any ROI calculation for vote selling arrangements. It could be real complicated one


My mistake, i didn’t notice that. Its awsome. However, i was curious to understand at what % of voting power enabled in my account settings do i get these returns?

This is a great feature - awesome work as always guys. 👍

Just noticed it
Cool feature
Now if only I wasn't trying to get past this post on trending with my Season Finale of Hots or Shots
Damn you @therealwolf :P

Great update! looking forward to what comes next as always!

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Great Job @smartsteem. What do you guys think of the new RC system any plans to make RC - delegations possible as well?

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From your site...
Invest 10000 Steempower = 3.136 STEEM + Curation Daily Revenue
3.136 * 365 = 1144.64

11.4% yearly ROI is very good!


yes, if the value of steem doesn't drop and people still manually engage, curate and post !


But if the value of steem goes up bullishly?

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The value of Steemmhas no effect on ROI calculations!

Smartsteem is the best I’ve earned a lot from it so far


How dear please do share your thought and experience


I love smartsteem

Nice feature, definitively​ a leap forward for Smartsteem.

Hi @smartsteem Thanks so much for building a nice tool. Wrote a good artical, through it everyone can know about smartsteem.

Nice source of information.

Ok..ok... I go and look what new is up there now :) But I am sure it is cool :)

That is really nice to see a writing about new feature of @smartsteem . Thank you guys, whoever you are behind this project. 'Cause you are doing legitimately useful works! Because of being busy , I am recently a ghost user on steemit. I mean ,mostly i am just reading posts thn pass. And, even if the amount does not matter, you are doing passive incomes for me.
Just let me add that screenshot to thank you @smartsteem team.

@smartsteem would you be able to add options for automatic SBD conversion to STEEM at market price and send STEEM?

I keep on promoting Smartsteem to my followers and new onboard users on Steem.
Keep on improving.

Nice woks as always. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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Weldone, I think your services are great. I use you guys to promote my post. I tried selling votes but it seems it wasn't working ( that was during the Fork 20 stuff though) I'll head on back and see how it works now.

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Very nice feature. I feel new features like this should come and bring people to this platform together.

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nice featres

Awesome job :) Will use it more often now!

I might be wrong, but wasn't this feature already available? I remember having used it a few weeks ago, when I delegated my SP to SmartSteem.

Hi team @smartsteem its such a nice feature implementation in which we can see and calculate our profit. Way to go team. Keep up the good work.

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Thats a great new addition. I will totally use that feature. It's nice to see that you guys are constantly working on the service and trying to improve on it.

always innovating and making the platform more useful for clients. We could learn a thing or two from the @smartsteem team

Very thats greats

I'm just new steemit and I know about this right away, I hope that this will make me understand more here

Is there a service that a user here on Steemit can delegate Steem Backed Dollars (SBD) to? Is there a service/bot like MinnowBooster where delegating Steem Backed Dollars earns income?

thank for your info

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Delegate me 10000 SP and I will give you double daily returns.

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