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The markets are down, the ROI is up!

Fellow Smartsteemians,

From 2 PM UTC today until 2PM UTC tomorrow (after releasing this post: right now) the ROI for promotion with Smartsteem through @smartmarket has been increased: from 10% to 15%.

Update: Flashsale has been prolonged until 24th November, 2 PM UTC.

As seen on https://smartsteem.com/promote/buy

If you're wondering what time it is right now, then please use this link: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/timezone/utc

How to promote your posts

Promoting your posts with Smartsteem is super easy.


1.) Go to https://smartsteem.com/promote/buy
2.) Enter your post-link.
3.) Enter your desired promotion amount.
4.) (Optional) Check the estimated payout.
5.) (Optional) Check the available votes for your post
6.) (Optional) Change the number of votes you want to receive in your settings)
7.) Confirm the transfer with steemconnect, keychain or you can also send the transfer manually to @smartmarket.

And that's it. Easy, right?

So what are you waiting for? Promote your posts right now and take advantage of our Flash Sale!

Team Smartsteem

PS: Consider using the 100% power-up option when creating posts.

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Terms of Service


Nice offer! I used immediately.

Thanks! And yes, with SBD below $1, it is now worth using the 100% power up option on posts rather than the 50-50 payout.

why? as long as the steem price is below that it does not really make sense right?

Imagine author rewards are $2 (curation has been dispensed), and further imagine STEEM = 40 cents and SBD = 80 cents.

At 100% SP you get 2/0.4=5 SP (STEEM). At 50-50 you get 1/0.4=2.5 SP plus $1 is turned into 1 SBD worth 80 cents = 2 STEEM if sold on the market.

2+2.5 < 5

The inequality holds whatever the price of STEEM, so long as SBD<$1.

that's great! We must use this opportunity to increae our steemit earnings


Sent 20steem and received only 0.27. Very unfair((


Apology for the inconvenience. We've refunded you 20 STEEM.

Thank you for your honesty and understanding !!!

Bummer, I just transferred over 30 steem 4 hours ago. I missed this by a couple hours.

@smartsteem I am new here so plz tell how can i use this offer .i shall be very thnkful to u

@beograd done now what should i do

@beograd very very thanks! Can u help me in STEEMIT to run it. Untill I am naive plz

Great news to hear from smartsteem. That is why smartsteem is one of my promotion site. This will be great. I am going to check it out tonight

wouh lets do it

2 PM UTC today until 2PM UTC tomorrow

i'm going to use it!!

That's cool😎

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I sent 1.5 Steem awhile ago and never got a Vote.

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Please comment under our comment the transaction link and we'll look into it.

I sent you 1.5 Steem and you did not give me Upvote or Refund... Please advise.


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