3/07 - Updates for Smartsteem.com (Downtime due to blockchain freeze)

in smartsteem •  7 months ago

Hello everyone,

STEEM, the blockchain, experienced technical difficulties and wasn't available for over 5-7 hours.

In that timeframe, all of our services stopped working as intended. Votes weren't sold, bids didn't come in, but there was nothing we could do at that time.

As soon as STEEM was responsive again, our services started working again.

Due to this event, delegators and vote-sellers might see a reduced profit for today. And transactions which happened right before the blockchain freeze, might have not been recognized by Smartsteem.com.

So if you're missing a transfer to @smartsteem / @smartmarket, that happened roughly 9 hours ago (at the time of this post) - please let us know.

Thank you for your understanding!

Team Smartsteem

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Hi I'm selling my voice to steemmarket since 30/6/2018 but I have not received any return since that time, although I caught the return on automatic every day please solve the problem


Hey @samy.zoorb,

was the problem resolved?



Yes, the issue has been resolved and the credit has been withdrawn
thank you for your help

Thanks for the update mate..
Keep steeming

Yes that's the problem. i sent 15 Steem & 10 SBD for my two post before that downtime problem. Please check it. Thank you very much for your these Post @smartsteem


Yes its solved. Great service ever. Long Life @smartsteem

Now the moment is down but better than some days ago right?

Well that explains what happened. But the sbd reappeared in my account.

hello I think I have problems to receive my sales
I do not understand English and it is very difficult for me to review