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RE: New Feature: Request a Curation Review By Burning STEEM & SBD

in #smartsteem5 years ago


The Promoted Interface is only on - which means that, while this is where most of the traffic is, it hasn't been effective, or something that I have looked at in a very, very long time due to using superior interfaces like Steempeak.

The fact that Steem must be burnt to trigger this is fantastic.

Will you be producing reports on users that seek curation reviews the most, and those who are successful? I would be interested in this information to see what sort of content people are putting up for your curation reviews.

You should also monitor the account for Steemmonster card transfers to null. :P


Encouraging other UIs to also make use of the promoted list would encourage more usage of it i.e. more burning. If you are a user of other UIs, please encourage them!

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