New Feature: Request a Curation Review By Burning STEEM & SBD

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Greetings Steemians,

did you know that there is a built-in promotion function on

Try to imagine that those are Steem Dollars.

Promotion on Steemit

Besides the Trending, Newand Hotcategory, there is also Promoted. In order for your posts to be shown there, you need to click on a big button below your post, called Promote.

Behind the scenes, a transfer is being made to @null with a specified amount of SBD and a memo with the following format: @author/postlink. This transfer is essentially burning SBD (reducing the total amount of SBD) and thus very good for the ecosystem as a whole.

Problem: Nobody uses it!

Sadly, not many people use this feature, as it's much more valuable to be trending or hot, than being showcased on promoted.

SCOT tribes realised this and changed up the burning-promotion system, where the promoted section was merged with trending & hot. Meaning, the promoted posts are being displayed among normal posts. On top of that, they use their native asset as burn material, in Steemit's case that would be STEEM.

We hope that implements the same procedure, however, we think we've got a great proposition on how to give an additional incentive to burning STEEM & SBD via transfer to @null.

New Feature: Request a Curation Review By Burning STEEM & SBD

We've implemented a feature which will alert our curation team when someone sends a transfer of at least 1 STEEM/1 SBD (!) to @null with a post link as memo. Once we're received the notification, our team will then review the post and check if it's worthy for curation.

Important: This is not a guarantee that your post will receive an upvote! It's simply a way of you telling us: Hey, please check out my awesome post!

While the default promotion system only accepts SBD and a very specific format, we're both scanning transfers of STEEM & SBD to @null.

Here are some examples:

  • Bob sends 1 SBD to @null with @bob/my-awesome-post
    • This will trigger a curation review request AND the promotion

  • Bob sends 1 SBD to @null with
    • This will ONLY trigger a curation review request

  • Bob sends 0.5 SBD to @null with @bob/my-awesome-post
    • This will ONLY trigger the promotion

  • Alice sends 1 STEEM to @null with @alice/my-awesome-post
    • This will ONLY trigger a curation review request

  • Alice sends 1 STEEM to @null with
    • This will ONLY trigger a curation review request

  • Alice sends 0.5 STEEM to @null with
    • This will do nothing!

Important: We hope that in the future even complete post links (which includes http://steemit, https://steempeak, etc) are going to be supported as well as transfers of STEEM. But for now, it is as explained above.

What's next?

We're working on new features, which will bring the first use-cases to our SmartPoints system.

If you've got any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments.

Team Smartsteem

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I applaud this initiative

This is an immense improvement over the previous smartsteem that like all other vote selling services, merely acted as an intermediary of helping stakeholders launder the value of their votes and in the process out compete honest curation and undermine our entire proof of brain value proposition. That's not really a criticism of smartsteem directly, as you were merely a product of a broken economy.

Now that the new economy is in I'm glad to see you adapt in a way that isn't just some 'raising standards of vote buying' which we both have acknowledged doesn't do anything in practice.

This is fantastic, let me clarify a few issues:

  • So this is entirely a curation initiative? No exchange of money for votes in any way correct? Just a burn to null, or is this in addition to smartsteem still serving as a vote selling service?
  • How will your services be funded?
  • Finally, are you willing to consider moving your smartmarket buisness into the same or similar curation service, as last I estimated you have at least 8m SP assets under management there still contributing to undermining honest curation unfortunately

Either way I'm very happy to hear this wolf. Hopefully before too long curation will be the dominant form of staking returns and honest voting will be the norm. I think this will benefit everyone the most in the long term.

So this is entirely a curation initiative? No exchange of money for votes in any way correct? Just a burn to null, or is this in addition to smartsteem still serving as a vote selling service?

Correct. It's without any sort of agreement or exchange in the form of votes/money. This is purely for the good of the platform.

How will your services be funded?

Currently via curation rewards in exchange for SmartPoins, which can be utilized sometime in the near future.

Finally, are you willing to consider moving your smartmarket buisness into the same or similar curation service, as last I estimated you have at least 8m SP assets under management there still contributing to undermining honest curation unfortunately

Yes, but only as soon as we've got an alternative for our users. So far, we've stopped accepting transfers to @smartsteem and am currently redirecting them to @smartmarket. But this is only a temporary measure. The ultimate goal is to move completely to curation and services which are 100% in-line with attracting and retaining users.

The ultimate goal is to move completely to curation and services which are 100% in-line with attracting and retaining users.

I cant argue with this, and hope the other bot services do the same.

I want to know the answer to these questions too. Though I'm pretty sure this is another service for #smartsteem on top of what they have, rather than changing of their services.

The suspense is killing me! 😜

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The Promoted should be merged with trending and hot section like what scot tribes does @smartsteem and I hope that it will be implemented soon in steemit.

Plus we need the steem and sbd burn system like that or whatever so that at least it will help with the price of steem.

My question is that can we send sbd and steem now to @null for a hope of curation benefits? Thanks.

Plus we need the steem and sbd burn system like that or whatever so that at least it will help with the price of steem.


My question is that can we send sbd and steem now to @null for a hope of curation benefits? Thanks.

Yes. See the examples section in the post. If you send at least 1 STEEM, your post will be reviewed. If you send at least 1 SBD, you'll be reviewed and also be seen in the promoted section. But remember to use the correct format (@author/permlink) if you want to be seen on promoted.

hey smart steem thanks for the upvote. i'm trying to update my completed article but my resource credits are too low. Please help.

  ·  last month (edited)

Dear @Smartsteem, does the "permalink" include the "tag" which immediately precedes the post title. Please explain more. Usually Steemit link looks like this:

Explain better please.

  ·  last month (edited)

We'll find out...

Edit: It works!

Thank you

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No problem, my friend got some nice $12 in votes from it too. Definitely worthwhile! (Especially since their post is 100% powered up)


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Congrats to Smartsteem for adapting and making changes that improve the overall health of the platform. It is really inspiring and is an indication of commitment to improvements that are beneficial to e community at large.
Well done.

I didn't know that burning SBD was a way of promoting your post on Steemit. Thanks for the tip! I had to convert some Steem on the market to get some SBD though :)

good feature maybe it will do something.

But who would send 1 SBD if you can get the same curation if you send 1 STEEM?

Because you will also be displayed in the promoted section if you send SBD. This will most likely change somewhere in the future, once that happens, we'll rethink how high the threshold should be to get a review.

But I pay a way higher premium at current prices


The Promoted Interface is only on - which means that, while this is where most of the traffic is, it hasn't been effective, or something that I have looked at in a very, very long time due to using superior interfaces like Steempeak.

The fact that Steem must be burnt to trigger this is fantastic.

Will you be producing reports on users that seek curation reviews the most, and those who are successful? I would be interested in this information to see what sort of content people are putting up for your curation reviews.

You should also monitor the account for Steemmonster card transfers to null. :P

Encouraging other UIs to also make use of the promoted list would encourage more usage of it i.e. more burning. If you are a user of other UIs, please encourage them!


Congratulations @minnowspower, you are successfuly trended the post that shared by @smartsteem!
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I like this, more reason to 🔥 Steem.... @smartsteem trying now 👍🏽

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Never actually used the PROMO button myself. Just thought devs put it in for advertisers or special events for common users.

All Right! Now You are proving that not only Steem is smart but You are smart too. Congratulations, You are first bot owner who noticed what is #newsteem code about. For transparency reason (but also to gain additional profit) I would publish two posts daily:

  • curated posts list
  • disapproved for curation posts list

You can find all of our curated posts under the trail function on SteemPeak:

But we might implement an automated list sometime in the near future.

I'd say combine them in one post. Especially if there isn't much of each of them.

I think people would go for straight vote rather than burning and that too in this way vote is not guaranteed.

Does it work if you’ve already promoted the post via @smartmarket ? $trdo

Wow, that is some great information! I didn't know you had to put the @name / prior to the post link, that is probably the reason I never received any additional support from on any of promoted posts from that tab.. Ultimately I stopped using it because it never seemed to help.. I might try it again now.

Thanks for being awesome and trying to help the promotion issue on steemit, I am sure you will figure something out and continue to be an extremely helpful service on this platform!

Great initiative ! I will try out as soon as tomorrow !

Is it just me?

It seems that disabled the Promote option. You can still manually send transfers to @null.

Will your team curate non-English post? #polish for example

Yes, they do.


So in essence burning steem reduces the supply which causes the value to go up?

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Yeah, that's the theory. At least it means less STEEM in 'sell' section of exchanges.


glad to see people are trying hard, i hope it all works out for the better, even if i sound like walking darkness sometimes, i really do ... it would be real shame to see it all go down the drain to hell :)

Yeah, sometimes STEEM feels like walking in the dark. But I see some improvements the HF21 did, not only drawbacks.

To prevent too much spillage from my extreme talent at popular opinion into the constructs and attempts at creation i'm trying on this here small niche on planet Crypton, @yapcat will be doing the talking instead of the utilities ...

It's been a rocky road, to say the very least and i seriously disagree with a lot of the salespitch, i KNOW they're trying but i feel they don't feel the outside world and maybe should try living in it for a bit sometimes. When you're cooped up too long (and i would know) things become skewed, you think your world expands but you're basically sitting in your corner in a dark walled-off place that the rest of the world knows nothing about and its not that hard to lose perspective that way. The HF has, from most viewpoints i can gather, made a move towards empowering the people who are already in the money while keeping the frontpage at "post stuff : get money" ... and a lot more ... exclamations on twitter like "just buy it, dont ask questions" sound a bit like ...
like euh ... well, like ojou-sama grew up with seven maids and a butler, actually, no offense there, i assume it's all in good faith but what's shouted out as "masses" is mostly aimed at "middle classes" and what i personally think is that its the skewed perspective of people who have never been wanting for money.

Mass adoption is a definite goal, but , mass adoption is a goal to create bulk numbers and those are used to attract major ad-money and investors. To pitch it like "bring a friend and some money" really sounds like ponzi-up to feed the whale, wether they realize that or not .. 100.000 plankton with a $20 in their pocket willing to spend to be able to post puppies wont make a dent compared to one major ad-budget like greenpeace (gods knows theres plenty of green-folk, freedom&nature-lovers here ... and that's just one example of what could potentially be aimed at)
and that's why it needs more, not so everyone can just pitch in to feed the whale ...
as i said, i am convinved they mostly believe what they say but have no clue how it all sounds to a lot of people ... and i have read more than one since d-day on how posting has become a liability, especially promoting it. Ive already seen one person going down to zero within two hours on a post that cried out not to overdo the downvoting, plain censorship if you ask me ... but if you ask "them" it will probably have been abuse. They got all reins loose now, morally justified to hunt in packs and im definitely not convinced THAT is a good thing ...

that said, i havent downvoted once (except once on myself, probably high or something and misclicked heh) and im not gonna start because its free ...

this things got a long way to go, if it will even surive, there's very little compassion in the marketplace and it IS finance these days, not a movement simply anymore and finance is whale-street and whale-street doesnt look back when it comes to making money or how many families lose their sandwich spread because they do ... and wow

that's why i called it @yapcat i think ehhe, 60sp should do it ... i wonder if i can get to any kind of rep over zero within the year by never posting and just yapping ...


hopefully this thing prevents a bit of spillage into my future attempts at project-like things ;-)

That's too long, but I agree with some of what you said. Rich are only get Richer~

15 days ago lol ... i'm as good at managing time as time is great at managing me @ahmadmanga ... It's a basic fact of life or maybe even a law of nature . Wolves eat sheep, lions eat gazelles and no one eat's a rhino or a whale (except the human virus ofcourse). Call it social gravity if you like, the more massive something becomes the more it will attract simply by existing. When you get to a certain amount of zeroes in your account, be it here or anywhere the money can do that for you while sleeping so to speak. I dare say 15 days later i havent seen much change xept for small fry picking up on the #newspeak / goodspeak propaganda turning votesucking into ... exactly what it was before :D

and yet the sun rises and the moon chases her away

Dear @smartsteem

Such an excellent idea. I wonder how does your team benefit from this initiative. After all you guys are going to put some extra effort and it would be great if you could have something from it for yourselfs.

Also it would be awesome if you could create some site with simple information (2 columns): received link + decision (either pending, denied or upvoted). This way users could monitor progress much easier.

It it possible to send 1 steem to null with memo promoting someones else content? Would you guys take it into consideration as well?


They will look at whatever post is in the memo, doesn't matter who it was who sent in the STEEM/SBD.

Their team benefits from the entire STEEM community benefiting... This platform needs teamwork from everyone in order for everyone to grow...

This is a fantastic idea. Triple bonus use of burning SBD. Ace.

Cheers for the upvote earlier too.

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so we have built a system which has auto-inflating system and now we try to stop or even redjce the inflation?
why we just don't try to stop what caused inflation at the first step?
like changing the reward pool policies or burning for RC, flagging etc? like Ethereum...

because it's already to late @honarparvar

Sounds like a great idea to me. I'm in the process of building my account from minnow to dolphin, was I'm open to any tool or service that will enable me to achieve that goal. Hopefully, I will burn some steem this week.

Ok, this is dope. Next flex!

I did use this feature when I first came to Steem 2 years ago a few times or so and it did seem as if no one used it. I liked the idea though and I will use it again!

So awesome to see all this new stuff from smart steem.

The promote feature was heavily used in the early days of Steemit, unfortunately it was used by people promotion shitcoins and alike. Eventually everyone just started to ignore it.

Problem with shitcoin?
Solution: New shitcoin


Great to see that your first contribution in over 2 months is a jab. (sarc)

Everything is considered a shitcoin until it proves otherwise, and I intend to do that with SmartPoints.

Well. You know I broke my ties to steem after I saw censorship on all platfroms. That was the only selling point to me and its gone.

You cant build and incentive model on fake money. It wont ever work, incentives arent there. Build something useful on bitcoin.

I am happy to see how fast you have reacted to the new market conditions that (hopefully) are about to change Steem. There is a lot of work in recreating confidence in the proof of brain concept. This is really a positive approach. I have been upvoting @smooth's burnpost to at least have one vote counting.

Now I'll try throwing a couple of Steem in the fires for your curators.

hm... this looks rather interesting but what if someone sends more than one steem for promotion, instead of sending 1 SBD (minimum)?

It would only trigger a curation request. Promoted ONLY accepts SBD.

Great initiative, this is exactly what Steem needs.
I tried it out on my latest post :-)

Interesting.... Think I will try this with my next post.

Works the same with #steemmonsters, we can turn cards into DEC or combine cards. This reduces the total number of cards available.

Hello @smartsteem and everyone,

A question that happens with the community that publishes in Spanish. It will be considered for review. I know that many who published in Spanish are not seen and their publications are very good.

Will they be taken into account?

I am at your service to work with you, one of my references is that I currently belong to the team

I must thank you for all the support you are giving to the community, and I include myself in that ..

I would like to know if I can translate this publication.
So that this information of great importance can reach many in my community, since they make their publications in Spanish.

I send you my best regards from Venezuela.

His friend

This is amazing! Wonder how many will use this feature... I think I'll try when I make a post I'm confident enough with!