Cherry season

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Finally, it's here.
The cherry season.
It's this time of the year when the cherries a ripe, sweet and full of flavour.
They are beneficial for the health because they contain :

  • melatonin (provides better sleep)
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin A (betacarotin)
  • fibres (aids digestion)
  • anthocyanins (aids the brain function)
  • potassium (prevents muscle cramps)

Lot's of people use them in different food recipes but I would rather eat them fresh.
They are very delicious and bursting with flavour.
They are also very good at cleansing the body so in general it's a good idea to eat only cherries for a whole day.
For those of you who are afraid to eat only fruits for short periods of time - there is nothing to be afraid of, it's very beneficial for the body and you might lose some of that extra wieght.
I myself am planning to eat only cherries on 3 consecutive days next week .

Cherries 1.jpg

Cherries 2.jpg

Cherries 3.jpg


They're beautiful and I believe they are tasty, come on

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