📷 Smartphone Photography Contest - Saturday

Every picture has a story to tell,
whether it has been taken with a DSLR or a simple smart phone.🌿

amazing_colors (1).jpg




This is my entry on @juliank's photocontest for Saturday.

The theme is #smartphonephotography

This pictures has been taken with Samsung S7 and edited in snapseed.

Feel free to comment if there's any questions, suggestions, complaints or marriage proposals. 😎


you have captured a different view and angle of photography, everythig is well. but i can't understand about marriage proposal!!?

Beautiful capture of sky view with the weed..........

so nice view ...........of your photography..........looking so beautiful.....

nice...... so.....nice @tellmestory your smartphone photography. it's so.....awesome. i just loved it. your photo capture is so....... amazing. nice chioce and thanks.... for share

Thank you for all the special things you said.

it's my pleasure...........@tellmestory

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wwwwwooooooowwwww really this is so beautiful... photography.....

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