Daily Smartphone Photography || Beautiful Wild Plant

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Hellow All Of My Steemit Friends

Hope that everything is going good.Wellcome to my todays smartphone photography blog.Today i want to share beautiful view of wild plant.


DeviceRedmi Note 5 Ai

Nature is full of beauty.Beauty is evetywhere.You just need to search the beauty.This is a wild plant and it grows on a old wall.The pattern of the plant iss amazing.


DeviceRedmi Note 5 Ai

Here is another beautiful plant photo.This plant used as vegetable.It is so tasty and nutritious.The view of plant and blue sky created an amazing view.

Hope that you people enjoyed my photography.Thanks for visiting my blog.Have a great time.Keep calm and stay happy.

Vignette 2.png

Vignette 2.png

Photography Is My Passion

Vignette 2.png

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Nice photography.

Thanks a lot.

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