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RE: Smartphone Photography - Spring Has Sprung in Central Park, New York City

First, I was about to say this

hey, what's the big deal!

Cause over here it's normal, but I get it that to some people this is something worth celebrating.

Springs always comes with blessings to me. The sight of those greens leaves and flowers coming up reminds me that anything dry in this life can get back to life. Thanks for sharing those captivating photos, they are awesome.


Hehe, thank you for stopping by! You made me smile and I had the pleasure of popping over to your blog and reading a lovely piece of fiction and a poem. I also found out that springtime is your birthday, so happy birthday from NYC! :D

I'm so glad to see your signature on my blog. Spring brings life to earth, you brought life to my blog today. I'm grateful.

Likewise James!

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