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Hello there Steemians!

It's true! I get kinda obsessed about the weather this time of year! So I feel particularly excited to tell you that yesterday and the day before we were treated to not one but two 70 degree days in a row here in New York City! Okay those of you who live in warmer climes might be saying - hey what's the big deal! But those of you who live in areas with long cold winters certainly know that springtime is definitely something to shout out about! So it was no surprise when we left the apartment that we were met with a wild crush. It seemed as if everyone was outside for the happy reprieve from the cold and the warmth and sunshine I'm pretty certain made everyone feel like I do - that we all hit the jackpot, it's just that marvelous!

I walked around Central Park at 81st street which leads to one of my favorite areas within the park - it's chock-full of sights! I was with my cousin who is a television presenter and then my husband caught up with us for the tail end of our lovely sojourn. We went to the Shakespeare garden which has an amazing view of one of Central Park's finest apartment buildings called The Beresford - it looks a bit like a castle itself - and lots of blooming spring flowers! It is situated behind the Shakespeare theater near Belvedere Castle. Yup, there's a real castle in Central Park! No one lives in it though - it was however designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux who designed Central Park. It was built in 1919 as a folly, but it's also been the Central Park weather station and overlooks Turtle pond, (yes, there are real turtles in NYC) and The Great Lawn where many people sunbath or play baseball, I used to do both. Now I just wander around taking pictures always amazed at how Central Park is this great nature resource for the city.

We walked up to my neighborhood and the Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, because it famously boasts cherry trees that blossom in April. The reservoir is where I normally run, it was renamed for her in honor of all the work she did to change Central Park from the rather dumpy place it was in the 70's and 80's into the beauty it is today and because she used to run there herself. In fact, I often saw her decked out in her signature oversized sunglasses and slacks which, as a kid, struck me as a very elegant way to exercise. The track is 1.5 miles around and it has some lovely views of the city around it which I've posted her on Steemit quite often. That's because it never gets dull for me and I hope the same goes for you! Every season offers a new type of beauty and now that it's spring the pink Yoshino Cherry blossoms are in full swing - it is ON!

So without further - Spring Has Sprung in Central Park, NYC














And finally! A shot of me! Worshipping the Sun and the arrival of Spring!


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Thank you!


You sense the beauty of common scenery! I mean when we go to a park we can see those scene, but we can't understand great photography hidden inside them!
Fantastic photography my dear friend! The Spring and the beauty + people who enjoy their leisure times, you took into great photography!


Beautiful photography

Really wonderful photography and last photo you looking very nice. This photo is best of all photo
Thanks for sharing with us.
Have a greet day

Awwww thank you very much! Happy to see you here! :D

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wow very nice photo

Thanks very much! :D

First, I was about to say this

hey, what's the big deal!

Cause over here it's normal, but I get it that to some people this is something worth celebrating.

Springs always comes with blessings to me. The sight of those greens leaves and flowers coming up reminds me that anything dry in this life can get back to life. Thanks for sharing those captivating photos, they are awesome.

Hehe, thank you for stopping by! You made me smile and I had the pleasure of popping over to your blog and reading a lovely piece of fiction and a poem. I also found out that springtime is your birthday, so happy birthday from NYC! :D

I'm so glad to see your signature on my blog. Spring brings life to earth, you brought life to my blog today. I'm grateful.

Likewise James!

wonderful pictures my friend...Spring has just came and there are a lot of flowers,bees and pollen... :) there is spring weather in Turkey too nowadays..It is really hot and everywhere is too chirpy... meanwhile i like the picture with the huge historical building more,amongst trees....

Thank you for sharing and have a nice day my friend....

Ah! So you know what I mean when the earth comes alive after her sleep! I'll pop over to your blog to see what you've been up to! As always, so nice to see you! A lovely day to you as well, dear! xo

How are you #iliaana ? Wonderful Pictures fabulous all photographs of the spring season, there is also spring start and everything is beautiful here and there. Awesome place Central Park for walking..

Hey there Sana! Nice to see you! I'm pretty happy that winter is behind us! I hope you are well?

Yup! i'm doing well and enjoy the happy life with cousins family

wow very nice photography

Thank you! :D

You shared a lot of photos.Really amazing photoshoot.

Thank you! :D

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