The Fruit of LOVE

Strawberries are a symbol of purity, love and passion.

The strawberry's fruit has delicious flavor and fragrance. It is the symbol of perfect goodness and it's so beautifully shaped like a heart.
The Fruit of Love...








Every Moment Matters @kamimorrow

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quite nice!

I was just thinking about strawberries, my oh my!!

Thanks and good wishes...

Delicious! I have a great accompaniment to these beautiful strawberries
RAW and VEGAN cacao with it's many powerful antioxidants and nutrients
Please check out my healthy chocolate recipe post here

So yummy.... Thanks

Nice photography

Yummy 💛

Thank you....

I just love strawberries, you have my vote.

Thank you for your support....

wow, wanna feel like i enjoy it. definitely very tasty to his strawberry flavor

Yes for sure...

Is really worthy of being named as the fruit of love,Thank you dear @kamimorrow all the pictures. She is really wonderful. She really loves her. She is charming to the eye,I hope to see more of you, and wish you success and excellence

Thanks and good wishes...

Love me some strawberries.

Me too.... Thanks

Oh wow! Now I'm starving :)

Thank you....

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