Picture Stories #140 - Watching Jellyfish 🎐

Jellyfish are beautiful creatures, with a delicate graceful body and watching them move around in the water can be a mesmerizing experience. It's just like watching fish, I can do it for a long time because it tends to have a pleasing, calming effect on the senses. Also, they happen to be very unique creations of nature worthy of being appreciated and admired. There are so many different varieties and types of jellyfish, and they come in various sizes, but the common factor among them is that they have an attractive umbrella-shaped body with long or short tentacles. In the pictures below, I came across a new type of jellyfish I'd not seen before.




There are so many weird and cool facts about jellyfish that can keep us fascinated - they don't have brains or eyes, and there are even some types of jellyfish that can glow in the dark.

Have you seen a jellyfish live?

Thank you for reading!


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Nope, nope, nope...
Jellies can be beautiful but other than that they are beasts from hell. You can't reason with it, you can't make friends with it, you can't scare it off. And the worst part, when it stings you its actually your own fault - you stung yourself on the jelly. You poked it causing electrochemical chain reaction that contracts its cells which in turn makes the "arm" wrap around you, piercing your skin and injecting poison with simple mechanical move. Later as you wriggle in agony it only continues, more cells contract bringing you closer to its "mouth" where your body will be slowly dissolved. It certainly is no fun being small fish with these around :o)


haha... this needs to be updated on the wikipedia for jellies :D
they don't have a brain, so i guess we can't really blame them... dissolving after being stung by a jelly is one of the nicer ways to go out i guess :P

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jellyfish are very beautiful if seen but we are afraid to touch it if we do not know the type because there are dangerous there are not dangerous ..


yes, they can be dangerous :)


Thank you :)

As a childhood, I often see jellyfish caught in fishing nets. But the jelly is yellow like this photo, it's the first time I see it. beautiful and very beautiful


That's interesting! thanks...

wow amazingly captured. brother followed you and please support me in this community

awesome pics, @jznsamuel. Yes, jellyfish are super fascinating. And they are the oldest surviving living creature, I read somewhere. :)


Thanks, wow that's awesome...

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I have never seen jellyfish like that before, the colorful of them is always impressive

Never seen one in real. Looks beautiful and colorful in the pics.


Oh, you better find one soon ;)

I saw not too beautiful :)) And remember what beauties were in the movie "Seven Pounds" with Will Smith?


hehe :) i've not seen the movie :(


wow! :) probably you are the first person who did not watch this movie :))


hehe i bet there are many more :P i'll watch it soon :D


I hope you will not cry :))


haha pretty sure i won't :D

Great photos. It’s amazing that you can capture such clear and beautiful photos with a smartphone.