Picture Stories #162 - Photographing Bats 🦇

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Bats happen to be very unique and intriguing creatures - they are the only mammals capable of sustaining a true flight and I guess I've an unusual connect with them for the reason that I happen to like vampires as well as Batman 😀. Before taking these pictures, I had never encountered bats so up close and personal other than the occasional stray bat that flies past me every now and then within the office premises. I found out that bats sleep in the upside down position as shown by this little fella in the photos so that they can easily fly away in case of emergencies like during an attack. Isn't that cool!





Bats have become infamous for being associated with Count Dracula and Vampires, however it is known that these creatures seldom bite human beings.

Have you encountered a bat closely?

Thank you for reading!


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Ah, he might very well be the batman :) But Bruce Wayne has a mansion so wonder why he is hanging upside down and sleeping :P

lol maybe the mission is to sleep :)

Yes probably. Everything in the world right now is a little slow, so maybe yes the current mission might as well be just to sleep :)

If I were a bat I think I fall from the tree when I fall asleep, having that ability is incredible

haha, funny :)

They breastfeed. Now that's amazing!!

It is amazing! I didn't know that.

I know huh?
Kinda weird cuz they don't just sit down and do it...idk how that can be done hanging upside down lol. Oh well.

yup, mammals do that! :)

really the bat is batman 😁😁

Did you lure them in by hanging the fruit? :D I remember when I was a kid, I woke up one morning and saw a bat stuck in between the windows of our apartment :) We waited until night time and then helped it fly out :D

no they were just sleeping like this at a bird park :D that's a nice thing to do...

It is a truth there are a lot of stories about bats and they always were a part of mystery or horror movies.

I was always fascinated with the fact that bats navigate themselves via Ultrasound that they send in order to "see".

The photogrpahs that you posted shown melons, I have never thought that bats like fruits too and decided to have a nap at the snack bar :)

yes, there are fruit bats but there were other animals around eating the fruits too...

bats that eat fruits 😂😂😂

yup, there are different kinds of bats ;)

Wow! I presume it's a fruit bat and the fruit is hung to feed it?

could be, but there were other animals around feeding on it too :)

It's look quite big! How long you have to wait for him to take a shot?

luckily, they were just hanging when i went :)

I do not love bats....
I hate them..

lol many people do :)

I really remember Batman seen a bat 😁😁😁

In my place bats are also a lot, although I also like batman. But I do not like bats

the results of the bat drawing is very amazing, thank you for sharing the results of your photography, hopefully your day is fun and always successful.

photography yang sangat indah temanku,semoga dirimu sukses selalu dan sehat selalu teman @jznsamuel

Have you taken this pic yourself amazing.. !!!
Thanks for share keep it up...

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I am afraid of this same animal. Creepy.😥
I'm a Phobia

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Is it deliberately placed in order to be eaten by the bat ...?

yes, I saw bats, so to speak :) they flew past me with such a huge speed that I could not see them :)) but when I met them at the zoo they seemed very nice to me :)

Thanks for the interesting post. We have a few bats here in the jungle every evening. Quite often one will get into the house and fly around. This is quite a strange feeling as they soar around the top of the room but they are eating mosquitoes and other insects so I consider it a blessing 😉

I am scared of bats may be because they are nocturnal animals always associated with ghosts stories.
6-7 years back when I lived in an area where there was lot of greenery and it wasn’t too crowded , 2-3 times it came inside our house and created a ruckus flying from here to there and we( me and my kids) were also running from here to there. The thing was that we both were scared of each other I guess.