Picture Stories #139 - Cactus Craze 🌵

in smartphonephotography •  last year  (edited)

I guess there are not many people who happen to like cactus plants, mainly due to their prickly nature and usually unattractive sight. But there is certainly something intriguing about them. My father, who enjoys gardening, is really fascinated with cactus plants and I remember during our childhood he used to bring different varieties of cacti with him home just to show us and teach us something new about these desert plants. Although I never really picked up the cactus-craze, I do like to discover new varieties of them. One such exceptionally attractive cactus is shown in the pictures below which I encountered recently during a trip, and for the first time.




Colored in a deep, magnificent green, these eye-catching plants appear to be like coiled snakes which are silently lying on the ground, just waiting for the right moment to jump out.

Have you seen this cactus before?

Thank you for reading!


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Although the cactus plant was spiny smooth but very beautiful if planted as an ornamental plant, let alone planted in the pot and placed or hung in a small flower garden or in front of the house. I like it, dear @jznsamuel

Looks like a type of cristata or brain cactus.

I need to google it :)

Cacti are also great low maintenance plant options for your home or office. They provide a nice pop of green and come in many different varieties as you stated in your post. I had never seen this specific species before so thanks for sharing!

Thanks, they certainly are welcome additions in home and offices... it was the first time for me too :)

Wow! those cactus give me shivers, I had never seen them. Thank you for showing us, this way I do not run away if I see one in the desert hahaha.

In Venezuela we have a great variety of cactus that you can come to photograph.

Some of our cactus are:


I have seen many cactus but I had never seen one in the form of a coiled snake, you would not want to meet one of those in the dark to discover if it is a snake or not

Haha, yes true :)

They are strange and spiky, but in an emergency in the middle of nowhere they may save our life.
It's so interesting the shape of those ones!

Thanks, I certainly think they can be a life saver in deserts :)
BTW your blog has great content... do check out @esteemapp and maybe you can join us on eSteem Discord!!

Wow, quite an interesting tool you've got there! I'll check it out once I have some time, as I do think that platform may solve some of my problems when editing gigantic texts.

Thanks for sharing!

I like cacti :) One time I was collecting cacti :)) My window sill was filled with small pots with my prickly friends :))) Since we did not have a huge number of varieties on sale, most cacti were the same unfortunately :)

That sounds like a nice hobby :)

This is the first time I saw a cactus like a snake. but the snake is beautiful, not scary

Really interesting this type of cactus is the first time I see them, thank you for sharing these good photographs.

This shape is just crazy! Love it!

wooow amazing picture

cactus is very beautiful and unique, I just saw a cactus like this, it is very similar to shells in the ocean.

They look like comfy designer pillows - oh, how I would be disappointed if I tried to lean on them :o)

Hehe, maybe give it a try ;)

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wooow amazing picture

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That’s really a new and attractive type of cactus .