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Hello there Steemians!

A few months back, I created an original series called City Scenes exclusively for Steemit, brought to you in either color or black and white to showcase street photos I take some of which have been nominated for mobile photography awards and published in online magazines and Instagram hubs.

For this week's post, I'm going with color as I happened to be out last week in some very gorgeous, spring-like weather (in the middle of winter) which was very inspiring, indeed! And the light was super lovely, too. What's more, people seemed really happy to be able to mill about under the sun some with short sleeves and dresses, some with light coats and just suits but all with an extra bounce in their step! Good weather is always a good excuse for good moods and, of course to capture street shots to share with you!

So, without further ado, I hereby present my latest version of City Scenes!




















It was so beautiful out , it felt so unreal and then we get hit with yesterday’s storm :D

Hello my dear! Thank you! I know! What lovely few days we had! Now I'm wanting spring, big time!
Hope you are well! Sending <3

All is well, I’ll be leaving next weekend , keep me in your prayers .

Sending blessings your way . Xoxox

Ah! Glad to hear it! Leaving? Hopefully for a nice long vacation! You deserve it! Relax and take care of hard working mama!
Much <3

Wow my dear friend, those are outstanding photography! How did you do that? Actually I can't take that kind of photography! Amazing and absolutely brilliant captures!


Hello dear friend! always a pleasure to hear from you!

Thank you so very much for your lovely support!

Cheers right back! :D

Wow these are sights to behold.
Your camera must be superb and wonderful. I don't think my phone can do such. What App did you use for these beauties?

Thank you! I have a great app on my iphone called Hipstamatic! It's cool!

I would love to make use of that App sometime

great post

Thank you very much! x

Your posts just get better and better! I am no way surprised that some have been nominated for awards or published in magazines they are amazing!! It shows that it doesn't matter what camera you have it's the person behind the lens, and that's so true here, you are so talented at capturing street photography and people. Looks like there are some amazing characters in New York too!! Speak soon! :) xx

Smiles, there are some real characters here in NYC! I would love to see what you and Chris make of it when you two visit! I really appreciate your lovely words coming from a talent like you means a lot! It's always nice to hear from you! Sending lot's of xo! Say hello to Chris!

Awww me too! Well you never know, we could always come for a long weekend one time! I love reading your posts, I'm eagerly awaiting the next! Always great to hear from you too <3 Chris saus Hi! xx


Thanks very kindly! x

Cool shots on the stret! love it!

Thank you kindly! :D

Brilliant pics to be seen excellent post loved it :)

Thanks Starboye! :D


wao, amazing and nice photography from you,, its looking great and epic,, all photos are wonderful and marvelous.
Please see my posts also

Thank you dear! Will do x

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