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Hellooooooooo Steemians!

I'm back in NYC from my trip to Paris! I hope everyone has been well in the time I've been away. New York, I've found is still waiting for Spring and Paris wasn't that warm either. I bundled up however and went out onto the gorgeous Parisian streets to enjoy the fabulous change of scenery. And while most tourists like me were busy taking pictures of Paris' many main architectural attractions, I was having the time of my life taking street photos. Many of you know, I use my iPhone to take pictures and for street photography there's nothing more discreet and easy to use for this genre of photography than the phone. No one seems to notice me snapping away and because Paris is filled with so characters, I was in photography heaven.

This post is a continuation of a previous series Me in Paris as Paris is a city I'm fortunate enough to be able to visit almost every year to meet my husband's family. Paris is a 'meet in the middle' kind of place for us, and the reunions are quite fun, even if they are with the in-laws. My husband likes to accompany me as I walk about distracting folks from my real intentions by pointing hither and yon which is a great way to get in close! We are a great team. He distracts, I shoot!

So without further ado here is Me and Paris - March 2018










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Thank you!


I hope you had a great time !!! I’ll be back from Pakistan in two days . Here it’s 36 C and back in NYC you already know . Not looking forward to it :D

Hope you’re well !

Oh my! That sounds so lovely! To not have to wear a winter coat...yup! it's cold here!
I'm very well! And I hope you are too! xo

Beautiful pictures :)

Thank you very much! :D

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Hi@ilanaakoundi, It's good post on smartphonephotograohy! I enjoy your content and i appreciate for photo. Keep up the good work.
It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit

Thank you! I appreciate your kind comments and dropping by! Good to see you! :D

yeah that is right! Im going to Paris next month! Maybe we will meet! :D

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Have fun in Paris!

Great street photography . Good to know that your husband distracts and you shoot ;)

Hehe! He was very into it! Quite fun! Thanks so much! And for dropping by! :D

Really amazing smart phone photography

Thank you very much! :D

realy great photography and art.good job.

Thank you so much! :D

hellooo @ilanaa how are you? I see you after many days, I hope you have a wonderful trip. This is sooo amazing beautiful pictures of the street. You have taken wonderful shots, Awesome photography.
Beautiful City Paris!

Thank you Sana! I'm very well, how are you? It was a wonderful trip! I took hundreds of photos, such fun and of course I ate a lot too! Oh boy!

wow! sound great, I'm good and doing well little bit boring, that's too good you've collected many photos :) I wish I also visit Paris
and thankyou so much @ilanaa for always support me when you come!

Great pictures as always...I think you took a lot of picture and had a lot of stories in Paris to tell us...welcome back my dear friend... Really nice street portraits ...

Thank you for sharing and have a nice day ...

Thanks so much Mustafa! So nice to see you! Hope you and your lovely wife are well! Big smiles! I did take a lot of photos! So much fun looking at new faces and new streets!
Wishing you a lovely Sunday!

Hope you had a great time! It's just started to warm up a little this week here in the UK but it's been chilly all year, Paris is usually similar to us so you definitely didn't get the best year for it! Stunning street photography as always! Lovely to have you back!

Hey there! I did! I was grateful for the change of scenery and even though I spend a lot of time with the in-laws just getting out onto the street was a real treat. Not to mention the delicious food! It was rather funny how my mother-in-law kept asking why I take pictures of strangers. Seeing friends was nice, too!
Glad it's warming up over there, finally! Here it's still rather nasty though I've heard we'll have a 70 degree day on Friday. I can't wait! I feel like an old person obsessing about the weather but I guess that's just human evolution, oy! Thanks so much! Always appreciate seeing you! and saying hello! :D

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