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Photography, original content. Finland, midsummer 5:00 am.
Samsung Note 1 smartphone.


Click to see on black background
Thanks for watching!


I really like this shot, its got a sense of calm to it.

Thank you!

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The best camera is the one you have with you! Nice atmospheric shot.

Yes, so true! Thanks!

Hello Great Shot, I invite you to join Your Story Contest if you are interested.

wow looks like a foggy icey day

Yeah, and yet it was mid summer and warm. Morning mist makes wonders :)

wow yeah! amazing and Thank you drakmin!, did you like my last art post "indiffrence" what you think ? great to get your interpretion! : )

Hi and thanks, followed!

Interesting minimalistic photo! Reflection is great And mist really makes wonders!

Thank you! If you have mist or fog almost everything looks beautiful :)

really ethereal...

Thank you!

Great atmosphere

Thanks, that's pretty much all there is :D

wow awesome mood and excellent shot. liked blue tones. congrats my friend.

Simple beauty. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your @photocontests win!

Upvoted & resteemed!

Beautiful. It sets a mood of solitude. Put that on canvas and you got a great painting.

very ethereal! Congrats on the @photocontests win too!

Oh thank you so much! ;D

This is the great piece of foggy foggy river or maybe pool. But it looks cool with some greenery. Steem On :) Following you for seeing more great pictures.

Thank you! It's a local lake :)

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